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Debunking the myths of the gig economy

4 minutes read

The gig economy is a buzzword that has been in the peak interest of the media over the past few years. Gig work is often associated with the younger generations, millennials and Gen Z looking to bag an extra buck. In fact, the gig economy has evolved over the years, with technology advancements enabling for mobile workforces opening up a stream of new opportunities. 

There are undeniable business benefits from blending gig workers into your business model. It can enable you to plug any gaps...

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Water 2020: “Uberizing” the Water Sector

7 minutes read

In many ways, the third decade of the twenty-first century is shaping up to be the age of the consumer – and industries are already adapting to that shift today. We are in the fourth industrial revolution the IConomy, everything is digital, on-demand and putting consumers in control. 

Today’s consumers are becoming accustomed to the customer experiences delivered by the likes of Deliveroo, Amazon Prime and Uber. As we see an industry-wide move towards service-centric revenue strategies,...

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Gig economy: pros and cons

3 minutes read

The field service sector is one that uses a blended workforce, utilising both internal and 3rd party labour, and this is set to become a common theme in the development of field service teams across the next few years. However, there is one aspect of the discussion that has been consistently overlooked. Generally, conversations around the gig economy have centred on the millennial generation or Generation Z. However, in field service, the gig economy sits just as comfortably, if not more so,...

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COVID-19: How to react, recover and restore

1 minute read

We’re helping our partners and customers rapidly evolve their day of service strategies to adapt to COVID-19. This includes support for contactless appointments and the issuing of unique one-time PINs for deliveries.That's why we're teaming up with our industry colleagues for a virtual discussion around how teams are reacting across the service sector. Join us for our upcoming webinar, COVID-19 — How To React, Recover and Restore, on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 11 AM CST to hear from field...

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Why Field Service Needs The Gig Economy [Video]

2 minutes read

The pressure on field service companies is perhaps greater than it ever has been. As we, as a society embrace an everything now culture, where on-demand is the new norm, time has become perhaps the single greatest commodity of all.

Gig workers are common across various industries and have been thriving in field service for years. But as knowledge transfers generations, how will mature workers use the gig economy to their advantage?

In the first part of our series run in partnership with...

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COVID-19: Checklist for contactless click & collect

8 minutes read

Consumers are continuing to shift their shopping behaviour to Click & Collect and home delivery as they seek to comply with social distancing practices to protect themselves and the community. Localz has seen a lift in daily collection volumes of over 100% with some of our clients, particularly in the grocery sector. 

As heightened lockdown measures continue, stores that aren’t able to provide a 4-square metre social distance in each aisle for customers to pass may be forced to restrict...

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