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Localz Closes Series a Round to Deliver Happiness

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Localz technology helps leading global logistics, retail and service companies to pivot from a company whose customers have to wait in all day for deliveries. 

Localz has closed a multi-million pound investment round.

Led by London-based venture capital firm Notion Capital,  whose investments target enterprise-focused SaaS businesses to solve emerging pain points for established and new industries. Companies who use Localz solutions can promise and fulfil their customers individual requirements with real-time improvements.

Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon with their mobile first consumer play, are radically raising consumer expectations . Expectations are high, demands are for slick, convenient and often cheaper delivery choices. This disruption is ripping through Retail and Logistics today. These markets are looking for advanced technologies to deliver more than $500billion in Savings.

"Localz is at the forefront of this and enables its enterprise customers* to launch this experience rapidly and take all that complexity away. In fact they're so pervasive - everyone in the UK has benefitted from their service - you just don't know it’s them!" Chris Tottman, Co-Founder/Partner Notion Capital.

GeoPost SA who own market-leading delivery company DPD Group also participated in the round. Taking a strategic stake in Localz enables them to stay at the forefront of delivery.

Especially relevant is Localz focus on transforming the last mile of delivery. As a result Localz is working with Woolworths, DPD and British Gas. Integrating data and location intelligence to enable fulfilment of delivery or services first time.

Tim Andrew, co-founder and CEO “This investment means we are positioned to continue leading the exponential growth in our category through 2018 and beyond. We set out to build a genuinely differentiated technology firm that can address the growing consumer demand for products and services when and where they want them. A category we have defined as ‘Iconomy Fulfilment’.”




  1. A paraphrase of Individual Economy.
  2. The economic paradigm created when consumers demand what they want, where they want, when they want it, their own individual economy.
  3. Expectation of careful management of available data to fulfil individual needs.
  4. The expectations of the collation of each single human being as distinct from a group.
synonyms: Personalised service, on-demand delivery, self-centred, individualised.

Latin individuus, from in- ‘not’ + dividuus ‘divisible’ (from dividere ‘to divide’).

Late 15th century (in the sense ‘management of material resources’): from French économie, or via Latin from Greek oikonomia ‘household management’, based on oikos ‘house’ + nemein ‘manage’. Current senses date from the 17th century.

Customers now demand, transparency, simplicity and control when receiving a service, a delivery or collecting a parcel.  Localz are providing last mile delivery solutions for business who realise the importance of the customer as an individual.