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Never Miss A Delivery Again

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Online shopping has been the greatest addition to my life since discovering Pokemon in Primary School.

Endless choices, brands and discounts spread across thousands of websites, and it’s all accessible from the palm of your hands. Simply choose an item, select your size, add it to your shopping bag and away you go. How could it be more simple than that?

With delivery ease you can receive the package at your doorstep the following day, or in some exceptional displays of customer service, in less than 3 hours.

The seamless experience offered online unfortunately doesn't always translate offline. Some online retailers are great at providing expected arrival dates and times, while some leave you guessing until the date of delivery.

Changing the offline experience to be more aligned to the seamless online experience is necessary and we have thought of a way to make this happen through on board beacons.

Imagine knowing exactly where your parcel was at all times. And we don't mean receiving a notification text message saying, ‘Your item is out for delivery today’. Instead you would receive real-time updates from the very moment it is loaded onto a delivery truck.

With individualised beacons attached to the inside of trucks, parcels can be ‘scanned in’. Once on board a text notifying the package owner of the impending delivery will be sent.  An issue that is common place during the delivery process, is whether or not you will be home to accept the package. So use beacons to customise this experience. You can click ‘track’, on the company delivery website (after imputing your tracking number of course!) to locate where the package is on the road. The drivers complete route won’t be displayed, although the time they are expected to be at your delivery location will be.

You then will receive three options. The first option will be to accept delivery for this time at your original delivery address. Secondly, you may choose to have it redirected to an alternative address within 15km of your original location. The final choice allows a customer to select a collect from depot option. The package will then be redirected back to the depot before close, so you may collect it on that same day.

Never miss a package again.


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