Never lose your dog again with beacon enabled collars

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Coming home from work one day to find your four legged friend missing is an extremely stressful scenario. You're unsure where they could have gone, if they are lost, hurt or scared, how did they get out in the first place?

With so much technology at our disposal how have we not yet designed a tool to ensure mans best friends safety?

Enter a Localz designed collar, because we like to imagine things in this office.

The collar will look and feel like an ordinary dog collar, but in reality it will be so much more. The tag will be equipped with a beacon which will allow for real time tracking of your most valuable asset.

How will it work?

Firstly, owners will need to download a ‘Track My Pet’ app.

The app, when connected to the Internet, can then tap into the beacon attached to a pets collar. When first using the app a user must map the areas and surroundings of their home, this will be done by setting up a 'Home Zone'. Beacons will be placed around the facade of the property and with GPS mapping enabled, home locations will become visible, allowing a user to draw lines around an entire property or alternatively just a backyard. What these lines will then create is a zone which can be used to alert a user when a pet has left that area of safety.

Users will be able to track a pets location, knowing exactly where they are on the property. For those who wish to receive notifications on the exact movements of their cat or dog, an opt in service will be offered. What this service will provide is push notifications to users when the beacon, therefore the animal, has exited the 'Home Zone'.

The notifications will 'alarm' the user, quite literally, with silent modes on phones being bypassed and a large alert being sounded. Allowing the user to quickly notify nearby neighbours, friends or family to find the beloved pet.

With the alert sounded use the app to continue to track the location of the missing animal, hopefully they don't run off to far.

Once you have located your missing animal

Now that the process of locating your four legged friend is simplified it won't take you too long to bring them back home. Once they return to your designated 'Home Zone' the missing status on the app will be automatically removed, as it recognises your pets proximity to the beacons enabled at your home.

If you're concerned with the alarm sounding daily when you have take your dog out for a walk, don't fear, you can alter your pets status on the app, changing it from 'At home' to 'Out for a walk'. You can change this status at any point during the day and from any location.
We love the idea of a beacon enabled collar for our favourite members of our household and who knows in time they might just become a reality.

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