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Localz named top field service solution provider

Field Service News has selected Localz for being able to bring an “Uber-style” service to the market.
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Field Service News  has scoured the global market over the past 12 months to find the most innovative solutions in the field service sector. Localz is delighted to be rated the Top Field Service Solution. Field Service News has selected Localz for being able to bring an “Uber-style” service to the market. Also noted our quick implementation and “very cool” end customer interface.

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Bringing an 'Uber-style' approach to the field service market Localz has created a solution that matches the expectations of today’s consumers. Taking the communication complexity out of on the day service, Localz provides businesses with mobile workforce solutions to deliver a frictionless last mile customer experience. 

The Localz operational platform enables real-time tracking of the service technician, accurate ETAs and two-way communication.


"On my way" 

Localz "On my way" solution enables technicians to send one-click notifications when on the way to their next customer. Customers receive SMS, email or push notifications with a real-time traffic ETA and live ‘Uber-style’ tracking in a web-portal. Customers can reply to the notification, directly to the technician or to the contact centre, depending on business rules. 


Technician App

The Localz Technician app provides technicians with a seamless tool to complete their work days. Its advanced features use dynamically created geofences to streamline their workflow and increase customer visibility of estimated arrival time. The app also provides technicians with all the job details and information required when they’re on site.


See for yourself 


The operations dashboard

The Management dashboard enables staff who are not on the road to view and manage jobs, track where the technicians are and view reports. Localz one-click ‘Scan to Van’ provides automatic replenishment requests for inventory management and a clear overview of which vans have what stock.


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British Gas Uberize their Customer Experience

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British Gas has partnered with Localz to improve customer experience and overall efficiencies. With engineers challenged to fulfil appointment promises and an increased demand for uberization from customers, British Gas has implemented Localz “On my way” solution to deliver real-time automated messages to customers. 

The solution is being used by 7,000 British Gas service and repair engineers. The increase in their first time access rate has enabled British Gas to achieve its goal of delivering best in class customer service as the leading energy supplier in the UK. 

“The utilities industry is currently in a transition from a commodities business to a services industry. Today’s customers are becoming accustomed to services that are centred around their convenience and experience. Companies such as Uber and Amazon Prime have created new benchmarks for service. By implementing Localz technology, British Gas is meeting and delighting customers with new levels of real-time communications,” said Technology & Innovation, British Gas. “The Localz solution is a vital part in helping us as our organisation grows” 
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