Measuring Tenant Satisfaction Using Real-Time Feedback

How do you measure satisfaction around your repairs and maintenance appointments?

Traditionally there is a relatively small percentage of repair and maintenance providers who do at least some outreach in the form of feedback phone calls, online forms or written surveys.

For housing teams, this information can often be scattered, dated, in different formats. The information is rarely focused it takes time and effort to collect and corroborate. 

The Housing Ombudsman found that dissatisfaction with day-to-day repairs accounts for over a third of complaints every year, highlighting the importance of measuring satisfaction.*


This March 2019 report also says:

  • When making appointments, landlords need to provide sufficient notice to the resident and try to accommodate their preferred timing. 
  • Confirm appointments and send reminders by text message or other agreed method of contact.
  • Be sure to update the resident if you need to reschedule.
  • Monitor progress and have accessible records of appointments, inspection reports, work orders and completion dates for your own repairs service and contractors.
  • Periodically review complaints made and their outcome with service area staff and contractors.
  • Provide feedback gathered from complaints to staff, other service areas, managers and boards/committees to help improve service.

From a housing team perspective, the cost and time savings of having repair and maintenance work completed efficiently and professionally are vitally important to ensure organisational efficiency.


Customer Satisfaction - A Valuable Metric

feedback form demoSatisfaction is becoming a key metric for housing associations in gauging the efficiency of their employed and contracted maintenance team. With such significant sums being spent on repair and maintenance each year, finding contractors who fulfill jobs cost-effectively and to a high standard is imperative.

Many housing teams spend considerable time searching for contractors with specific skill sets to address unique R&M jobs across a diverse range of properties. However, not all jobs are the same. If the wrong type of tradesperson is hired for the job, this entails repeat visits, more wasted time, higher costs and increased dissatisfaction amongst tenants.

Teams tell us this feels like wasted time that could be better spent on core support functions for tenants.

Clearly, satisfaction feedback on contractors and repair/maintenance providers can help decision-makers streamline processes, ensuring repairs are carried out promptly and to cost.

In an ideal world and how can housing teams use satisfaction measurement to improve efficiency and lower costs?

Localz helps Housing Associations measure customer feedback in real-time. 

The housing associations who partner with us see a number of benefits in overall time, cost and efficiency savings and our powerful platform allow both leaders and managers to make informed decisions.

We approach satisfaction measurement with the same dedication as other metrics as we believe that this helps identify the most reliable contractors that can be used on repeat business.

*Housing Ombudsman Report


Field Service Solutions For Social Housing

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