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Location Technology Changing the World of Mobile Gambling

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Since the launch of the first online gambling offering in 1995, online gambling has grown into a well-established sector in the gambling industry. Alongside, with the boom of smartphone users, mobile gambling also became a popular segment of the market. This new era of betting has opened many new opportunities for mobile technologies, including location technology. Location technology can develop new betting methods and experiences for customers who wish to bet at any time, anywhere.

With gambling companies embracing mobile, location technology has the ability to further develop the industry across both online and offline, enabling operators to take an omni-channel approach. This will mean they can join up the experiences of their customers to generate greater engagement and efficiency.

Mobile gambling:

According to Juniper Research, mobile gambling where real-money bets are placed, is expected to be worth more than $100B by 2017. However, regulations restrict under aged players from gambling with money. In countries like the USA, a user’s current location needs to be verified to allow bets to be placed. Location technology enables those factors to be checked, enabling mobile gambling. It also allows gamblers to connect with other players in real-time and make games more challenging and competitive.


Casino-2Regulations restrict vulnerable and problem gamblers from betting money. Location technology can alert staff members if these people are entering casinos. Thus, staff can take actions and protect risky gamblers.

Location technology enables casinos to reach the right customers in real-time via a mobile app. Casinos can send gamblers push messages about current news, ongoing bets and top wins. Via sending up-to-date information, casinos can attract passers by to enter the casino and join in the game.

Indoors, gamblers can be navigated to the nearest available slot machine, poker table or roulette via a mobile app. Location technology also enables seamless payment transactions with no cash needed.

Sports Betting

Horse-Racing-TipsWhether betting on horses or football matches, location technology allows gamblers to place relevant bets in real-time. For instance, people at a football match can bet on different criteria during the game, rather than beforehand.

Juniper Research predicts 164 million people will place a bet, visit a mobile casino or buy a lottery ticket on their mobile device in 2018. This is evidence of the boom in the mobile gambling industry. In combination with location technology, new experiences to the mobile gamblers can be offered in real-time to make bets more exciting and challenging. The technology can help the industry to follow regulations, reach bettors in real-time and attract them to spend more money.

Do you believe that location technology can change the mobile gambling industry? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.