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Localz Partners with Reward Technology

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Localz is pleased to announce a new partnership with Reward Technology, offering a unique RFID loyalty program ecosystem. Reward Technology is focused on providing innovative and efficient loyalty solutions using unique RFID cards, automated location-based capture points, digital media and mobile communications. Localz is working with Reward Technology to enable retailers to provide a unique customer loyalty experience in retail, hospitality and co-working environments, in real time.

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Reward Technology is based in Canary Wharf, Europe’s largest technology accelerator space. The technology company has developed a seamless digital system linking shoppers, retailers, FMCGs with their customer analytics provider, which allows accurately targeted rewards and offers to be delivered immediately as a customer enters the store or shopping mall. Localz works with Reward Technology by layering micro-location technologies to target relevant and personalised communications to smartphone app users in real time.

Reward Technology plans to deploy its loyalty card program with Localz’ platform to enable customers to receive offers and discounts in real time. “Reward Technology is the first company that can give complete visibility and deliver targeted messaging on customers entering stores. This, combined with real statistics on how many customers are actually fully beacon-ready, is unique.” shares Paul Sheedy, Founder and CEO at Reward Technology. “Combining our long range RFID card detection and Localz BLE Beacon technology, our systems can give insight as to what percentage and which demographic is ready for the new smartphone beacon technology as it develops. This is a key partnership that will mitigate all issues retailers and others have with moving to a digital strategy for customer engagement.”

Localz provides micro-location technology, which allows enterprises to develop outstanding customer experiences based on their location in real time. Antony Gibson, Business Development Manager EMEA at Localz, comments: “We’re very excited to be partnering with Reward Technology. The combination of their unique ecosystem of RFID loyalty cards and detectors, coupled with other location triggers managed by Localz’ platform, such as wifi or beacons, will ensure all customers can benefit from Reward Technology’s simplified, personalised loyalty and reward program. Customers continue to adopt smartphone and location technologies – this partnership will deliver the same seamless user experience whether they use a smartphone app, RFID card, or a combination.”

Keep an eye on news about Localz’s projects together with Reward Technology on our website.