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Localz partners with Bit10

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This week, Localz is adding a new partner to the list: Bit10. We are looking forward to working with the digital agency to explore how our micro-location technology and their digital expertise can provide a greater user experience.

Digital agency, Bit10, and Localz working together to provide greater user experience

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Bit10 is an award winning digital agency, started in 1997, who has the knowledge and experience to help businesses connect with their customers through digital technologies. With only 15 staff members in their head office in Coventry, Bit10 has around 4500 projects.

The digital agency focuses on user experience and the way clients use technology to support their customers now and in the future. Bit10 makes sure that every client offers value to their audience. To accomplish that, each of the projects are broken down into sprints to keep everyone involved and updated. Also, Bit10 offers a full consultancy service on user experience and digital strategy. Some of their successful clients include Game, AGA & Jewsons.

”We are delighted to announce our partnership with Localz, the leaders in using location technology. Digital and innovation are key drivers for Bit10’s strategy and by working closely with Localz we can provide greater user experiences allowing for a smarter online and offline journey. We are looking forward to sharing our creativity, enthusiasm, passion and innovative solutions to drive brands, increase engagement and generate a real return on investment for our customers,” said Mick McLaughlin, Head of Digital Marketing at Bit10.

Bit10 work extensively with Umbraco CMS and have developed an adapter to enable their clients to update the Localz's location technology platform, Spotz; straight through their CMS. The agency has a great understanding of the digital and mobile landscapes and how clients can join up their online and offline experiences. Bit10 will be using the Localz Spotz platform to deliver multiple location experiences for its clients, further enhancing their user journey.

Martijn Verbree, Europe Director at Localz, comments on the partnership: "We are excited to work with Bit10 as they understand the need to provide a seamless user journey from online to offline. Bit10's vision keeps their clients ahead of the pack by incorporating location technology to enable great user experiences”.