Localz Last Mile Improves Delivery

Why the last mile is the most important.

Ordering items online and getting them delivered at home is a popular choice for many shoppers. Having the convenience of shopping for groceries without leaving the house is a dream come true. With an increasing number of companies offering home delivery, the key challenge is how to provide customers with what they want, when they want it and most importantly, where they want it.

Customers often face the issue of being stuck at home to wait for a delivery. Localz Last Mile is a new solution that solves this issue by allowing delivery companies to check customers’ current location and update routes accordingly. It enables customers to navigate where their delivery is going in real-time by exchanging push messages between the delivery driver and the recipient.

Localz Last Mile solution enables delivery drivers to receive information about customers in real-time. Delivery drivers can check whether a customer is at the provided address, before arriving there. Through a mobile app, which is installed on both the customer’s and the delivery person’s devices, the current location of the customer’s device can be tracked. Localz Last Mile compares this device location with the delivery address, to see if the customer is home.

Localz Smart Push

If the device is not at home, a notification is sent to ask for the new delivery address. The customer is able to update their current location- whether that is the pub, around the corner or the chip shop at the end of the road. The delivery driver is then advised to deliver the parcel, to reschedule the delivery time or if the order should be signed by a neighbour.

DPD is using Localz Last Mile to increase their first time delivery rates by informing drivers if the customer is home. To find out more, read our Customer Stories.