Localz are Uberizing the future of Utilities

Meet with Localz about your enhancing your customer experience.
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Following the success of the Innovation Day: the first Uberization event, Localz will be joining industry leaders at Future of Utilities: Smart Energy 2019 in London. 

Uber has had a knock on effect with all sectors; from utilities and energy to retail and manufacturing. Today, consumers expect real-time transparency and control. The same level of customer experience they get when ordering a taxi or pizza via an app on their phone is now expected in all areas of the customer’s daily lives. 

We often hear consumers say: 

“If I can order a thin crust double pepperoni pizza from my phone and track it’s journey to my doorstep, why can’t I track my service appointment when my boiler breaks down?”   

OVO Energy, British Gas and Calor Gas have already addressed this with Localz ‘On my way’ tech, taking the communication complexity out of on the day service, providing their mobile workers with a seamless solution that enhances customer experience. 

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Meet and Greet with our new Utilities Director

Grab some time with our new Utilities Director, Lorna Spicer, during the two-day event. Lorna will be joining the Utilities professionals at Future of Utilities: Smart Energy 2019.

Lorna is looking to discover the challenges and opportunities that the utilities sector is currently facing.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Concerned about missed appointments?
  • High call in rates from customers querying the engineer's ETA?
  • Two-way communication between engineers and customers?
  • Inability to track customer satisfaction? 

Then grab some time with Lorna at Future of Utilities. 

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Driving Innovation in the Utilities sector


Come along to the Innovation Hub on Day 2, for an afternoon on “Driving innovation in the Utilities sector”. Hear from Localz Global Marketing Director, Louise Robertson on how the utilities industry can “Uberize” last-mile communications between customers and mobile workers. 

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Localz uberize Utility giants British Gas


Localz is being used by 7,000 British Gas service and repair engineers. The increase in their first time access rate has enabled British Gas to achieve its goal of delivering best in class customer service as the leading energy supplier in the UK. Read more in their case study. 

Head of Technology and Innovation, British Gas; 

"By implementing Localz technology, British Gas is meeting and delighting customers with new levels of real-time communications"

Localz uberize British Gas