Localz is Breaking Big at Teradata 2015 Partners

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Following Teradata and Localz announcing a global partnership, Localz is looking forward to attending the Teradata 2015 Partners Conference in Anaheim, California from 18th until 22nd October. It will be a great opportunity to meet with marketing and technology leaders from around the world, and learn about the latest strategies and tactics for optimising the use of data.

Teradata 2015 Partners

The theme of Teradata 2015 Partners conference is Breaking Big.  As businesses face the challenge of capturing and controlling an ever increasing amount of data, Localz is keen to speak with business leaders about how they are looking to incorporate location data into their Big Data thinking.

Beacons and micro-location technology enable you to tag the physical world like a website, providing a huge new data source about how are people are moving about a physical location. Micro-location data can be used to help understand bottlenecks and wait times, and can be combined with other data to gain new insights into customer behaviour.

Location data has been around for a while, with technologies like GPS, WiFi, Mobile and RFID. Beacons provide a new set of data that is more precise. Beacons can identify where someone is, in relation to a specific thing, within a range of 70m down to 10cm, indoors or outdoors. Beacons are also much cheaper and easier to deploy than previous technologies, such as RFID, retailing for as low as £10.

With the new insights gained by analysing micro-location data, omni-channel marketing can be further optimised. When location technology is integrated with real-time decisioning and mobile messaging, businesses can have a truly personalised conversation with each of their customers, that is relevant to where they are in the real world.

All of this great marketing is driven by good data. Localz is interested to hear how participants at Teradata 2015 Partners are meeting the challenge of using this new location data to maximise the effectiveness of real-time communication. Consumers today have high expectations and are using multiple channels to communicate with brands. We hope to hear from business leaders to learn about how they face this challenge, to deliver consistent customer experience across all channels, in both the online and offline worlds.

With our business focused on this new world of micro-location data, Localz is excited to be a part of Teradata 2015 Partners, with the world’s brightest executives, marketers, business analysts, data scientists and technologists.