Localz home of the future

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We have all dreamed of the day our home becomes that little bit smarter. Maybe not quite Jetson level with our very own Rosie, the robot, but almost. A home that knows you by name, by habit and by wants.

That dream is now here and it is making its way to homes worldwide through the power of beacon technology. But how would Localz approach the task of making your personal domain uniquely exclusive to you? Lets explore.

Wake up call

Ringing in your ear, surely it can't be that time again, but it is. The dreaded alarm has gone off, signalling the start of your day. You reach over to switch it off and grab your phone, once the device is unlocked and you have opened your Localz designed app a set of actions are directed to beacons all around your home.

The beacons set your home up for the morning with heating inside, even on the bathroom towel rack, automatically switched on to a temperature decided by yourself. Giving you enough time to allow for a quick snooze.

Once you're up the house is warm and as you approach the bathroom sensors recognise your position and turn the lights on for you. If you want, you can turn the water for your shower on from your phone, that way as you approach it is warmed to the perfect temperature, no waiting around required.

With the shower out of the way, it is time for the most important part of your morning, breakfast. But nothing says a morning wake up call quite like a hit of caffeine and with a simple click on your phone you are able to program your coffee machine to brew your cup of joe at a designated time, or even turn your kettle on so that you can make a cup of tea in seconds. Perhaps while you were in bed you set it for 15 minutes after you woke up, giving you enough time to shower, change and head to the kitchen.

A smart home wouldn't be complete without a smart fridge and through the app you can set it up to understand your diet, your favourite items and your must have at all time fridge staples, like milk. Automating the experience from your iOS or Android device you will be able to scan or add items into a fridge icon on your phone and as you consume the items update this information on the app, so that notifications can be sent to you in the form of a shopping list, set either daily or weekly.


Time to dash off to work. Set an expected exit time on your phone and heating will be automatically switched off as well as any lights which may still be on. Heading to the garage door, automatic sensors will switch your garage lights on and off again once you enter your car. Doors open and you're off to work.

Home automation from your office

While at your office, use the app to view pre-prepared shopping lists to see if you need to visit a supermarket on your way home. Or alternatively with items remaining in fridge listed, you can select recipe suggestions to see what your fridge thinks will be a great idea for a quick, easy meal. How simple is that?

Upon leaving work, your GPS location is transmitted from your phone to technology at home. This will allow heating or air-conditioning to be turned on wirelessly on your approach. Even more simplistic, footpath lighting will switch on as you make your way down your street, finally the garage door will open as your car makes its way up the driveway.


We couldn't imagine anything better than having a perfectly automated home, working for your every need.