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Localz and Teradata Event: Killer Retail Experience 2016

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Yesterday, Localz was part of an amazing event, called the Killer Retail Experience. We co-hosted this event with our global partner Teradata, a marketing application expert, Peerius, a specialist in website personalisation software solutions and yReceipts, a digital receipts company.

The Killer Retail Experience aimed to showcase how together the four companies can deliver a great customer experience. With representatives from top retail brands such as Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, The Body Shop and The Entertainer, we wanted to organise an event that everyone would talk about.

To kick off the Killer Retail Experience, Holly Mander, Digital Strategy Director at Teradata, introduced the concept of the Killer Experience. She spoke about the fact that 60% of shoppers will ditch retailers unable to fulfil digital needs, and how retailers need to focus on delivering better online journey to cover all aspects of the customer shopping journey.

Next, Joey Moore, Product Director at Peerius, spoke about the importance of knowing your customers and how personalised messages are key to the customer journey.

Localz Commercial Director, Tim Andrew, introduced micro-location technology as the tool that bridges the online world with the physical one, and why retailers have to engage with customers online as well as offline.


Alexander Kayser, Founder at yReceipts, talked about the impact of identifying customers in store, and the huge opportunity available to retailers if they an identify who their in-store customers are. Alex explained how the simple act of capturing a customer’s email address to send them a digital receipt, can identify them as a customer, and start them on a digital journey.

The Killer Experience 

After the Killer Talks, the attendees were guided to the Killer Experience demo area, where Localz, Peerius, Teradata and yReceipts showcased their combined solutions, showing how combined, those solutions provide an amazing customer experience.


Demo set-up Demo set-up


The demo featured the journey of a customer, called Josh. Josh wanted to buy a wireless stereo for a house-warming party and came across Turtle&Roo banner (delivered by Peerius) through a Google search. Josh decided to explore further and visited the retailer’s website. He was familiar with the brand, but hadn’t purchased from them before.

The next day, Josh went to the Turtle&Roo shop, still unsure whether he wanted to buy the stereo. While trying to make up his mind, he bought a shirt for the party. He received a digital receipt via email (via yReceipts), which contained details of the purchase. As Josh opened the digital receipt email, his digital profile was matched to a previously unknown customer browsing behaviour online. The retailer sent a welcome email (Teradata DMC) as well, which included a video, showcasing capabilities of the stereo that he has been looking into the day before.

A few days later, Josh was reminded about the Turtle&Roo stereo whilst watching a YouTube Ad. He decided to purchase the stereo through his mobile phone. As the party was in two days time, he chose to collect the stereo from his local shop. Josh received a QR code for his collection.


When Josh arrived at the store, he was able to scan his collection QR code ( Localz Click & Collect). In the meantime, a notification alert was sent to the warehouse operator to start preparing the order. Whilst waiting, Josh saw a personalised recommendation on a digital screen in the store for the portable Bluetooth speaker  ( Peerius). However, Josh simply collected the stereo and left, but he began to wonder how the portable Bluetooth speaker would sound in his new kitchen.

At the end of the story, Josh had an amazing house-warming party and his friends loved the new hi-fi system. Josh could not stop talking about his Killer experience with Turtle&Roo.

This customer journey was made possible by combining the technology of the four companies hosting the Killer Experience. At the start, Josh’s anonymous advertising browsing journey was captured via Teradata Data Management Platform solution as part of the overall customer. When Josh bought the shirt, his email address was captured for the first time (with yReceipts) and it was immediately enriched with purchase data, allowing an in-depth customer segmentation and analysis. Josh’s anonymous profile was merged with the known data to make informed decisions based on the whole profile. In store, location technology included in Localz Click & Collect solution enriched Josh’s experience by enabling quick collection whilst also improving the back-office operational efficiency. Personal recommendations for Josh, via the Peerius solution, were supported through other addressable channels allowing Turtle&Roo to increase the basket value and leverage timely and relevant upsell opportunities.

The bottom line was that Josh received a well-tailored, digitised in-store experience all the way through. By exploring and showcasing Josh’s journey, Localz, Teradata, yReceipts and Peerius emphasised how each step of the process is linked to the next one and how important is for retailers to provide seamless, personalised customer experience.

To wrap up the event, Robert Adkin, Business Development Manager Retail Strategy and Development at John Lewis provided a keynote presentation. Robert spoke about how John Lewis revolutionised their Click & Collect service by using Localz Click & Collect technology to enhance operational efficiency.

Check out this video from the event:



The Killer Retail Experience was a great chance for Localz to work with the other three co-hosting companies. We had a killer experience participating at this event. We are looking forward to more similar events, where we can demonstrate what a customer journey should be.