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Localz & Teradata Killer Retail Experience: Part Two

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What makes a killer retail experience? Retailers need to think about delivering a unique experience, which is relevant to the customer and to their brand. In order to do so, retailers should constantly innovate and use the latest technology to build an omni-channel customer journey that fulfills customers’ needs.

After the huge success of the Killer Retail Experience in March 2016, the hosts Teradata, Peerius, yReceipts and Localz decided to organise the event again, but make it bigger and better. With inspiring talks, innovative demos and a panel discussion, the latest Killer Retail Experience gathered representatives from top brands like Unilever, Marks & Spencer, JD Williams, Topman, New Look, Russell & Bromley and many more.

To kick off the event, Holly Mander, Director of Digital Strategy at Teradata, talked about how brands can keep up with shoppers being digitally connected all the time.

Alexander Kayser, CEO and Co-Founder of yReceipts, spoke about unlocking the £37 billion brick and mortar opportunity by linking the online and offline channels.

Killer Retail Experience

Nimmity Zappert, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Localz, continued the discussion about how retailers can build that bridge using location technology. Nimmity highlighted that 80% of smartphone users have location services enabled, which means that location technology gives retailers the ability to connect with customers as they walk into their store, in real-time.

Joey Moore, Product Director at Peerius, explained the benefits of providing personalised experience to customers. Customers who receive personalised marketing increase their spent by 13%.

The last presentation was by Andrew Howe, Sales Director at Teradata, speaking about how programmatic advertising enables retailers to future proof their marketing and to fully understand their customers.

After all the amazing talks and insights into how to create a great customer experience, attendees were divided into groups to see the Killer Experience demo, combining all the solutions of the four hosts. You can see a video of the experience here.

Killer Retail ExperienceA panel discussion was moderated by Katy Bennett from Teradata and included Victoria Peppiatt, COO at Phrasee; Richard Wilson, Director of Digital at Burton Arcadia; Sophie Albizua, Consultant and Co-Founder of eNova Partnership and Holly Mander from Teradata. The panel discussed the key areas for retailers to focus on, to move closer to a true omni-channel experience. Ideas included:

  • Linking and understanding customer behaviour online and in-store is key.
  • 80% of customers browse online before making a purchase in store. Connecting with customers across all channels is essential for retailers’ success.
  • Getting in store and meeting customers face to face, is key to understanding what they want, and to developing a successful digital strategy.
  • 49% of digital jobs have been held for less than a year. Organisations need to be forward thinking and innovative to attract and retain the right talent for digital success.
  • Train from within, to make digital innovation a part of the culture, and accessible to all.

Here is a video with the highlights from Killer Retail Experience 2:

Retailers learnt that a killer experience puts customers needs at the centre, and provides a seamless, personalised experience across all channels.