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Localz Brings 'Uberization' to Field Service Amelia Island 2019

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Sophia Williams NCR Corporation“80% of companies believe they deliver super customer experiences,” but in contrast only “8% of their customers agree.”

-Sophia Williams VP and General Manager, Telecom and Technology Business Unit at NCR Corporation

Field Service Amelia Island 2019 kicked off with challenging but true insights gleaned from WBR and presented by Sophia Williams of the NCR Corporation. 

Localz was amongst the technologies and initiatives featured as a game-changer for today’s connected customer during the last mile.


Uberization is Epidemic

The audience at FSAI agreed that Uber has retrained your customers on what they expect from a service. Waiting around with no visibility as to when someone is coming to fix a fault is no longer acceptable.

Many of the discussions centered around customer experience and today’s customer expectations, including:
-Live tracking and control of their appointment
-Proactive, two-way communication
-Details of their engineer or technician
-To be able to rate the service on their phone 

Highlighted numerous times throughout Field Service Amelia Island was agility, velocity and costs for transformation. Focus on customer expectations and demands is top of mind for companies with mobile workforces.

John Naar, VP Technical Support Services at IBM spoke of their commitment to providing flawless technical service to keep clients content stating, “attitude and relationships are the key to driving success.”

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Delight Your Customers Like Uber

Customer experience is the new currency. According to Sophia Williams’ Keynote, every service interaction results in one of three absolute outcomes: Delight, Indifference or Disappointment.

Karen Mehal, VP Field Service Lightning at SalesForce said it perfectly: “You can see a $7 pizza coming to you but you can’t see a $5,000 AC unit coming to you? This is what the consumer wants now.”

“Uberized” communication and service is becoming a necessity for both B2C and B2B companies. As Carlos Gomez of Baker Hughes noted, allowing the customer to become a part of the process is a small piece that enhances the overall service. You may not care about exactly where your Amazon delivery is on their app, but having that transparency and visibility into your purchase or investment allows for a more positive customer experience.


The Radical Age of Uberization by Localz and Field Service News

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