Localz at Business Innovation Summit 2015

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Last week, Localz was proud to participate in the HSBC and KPMG Business Innovation Summit 2015. The summit consisted of a dinner on 19th November and an all day event on 20th November at their headquarters at Canary Wharf. Localz and other startups joined industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, Tesla and the organisers KPMG and HSBC. The aim of the event was to illustrate how their innovations can be best used to generate superior value to businesses and their customers.


During the Business Innovation Lots of interest at the Localz standSummit, Localz demonstrated its John Lewis Click&Collect solution and how location technology is reducing waiting times, increasing operational efficiency and creating greater customer experience in-store. Our team discussed with delegates some of the ways that our location platform can enhance the retail and financial industries. Everyone, who visited Localz’ stand, was very keen to find out more about the technology and to gain an insight of where else location technology can be applied.

Martijn Verbree, our Director Europe, who also attended the event said: “The BIS event was one of the most inspiring events we have been involved in with Localz. It was fantastic for us that we were able to tell our story amongst the likes of Amazon, Google, Spotify and Tesla.”

The Business Innovation Summit 2015 was chaired by the broadcaster and journalist Andrew Neil as separate panels deliberated innovation topics. There was a diverse range of entrepreneurs and innovators on display. Those included an aircraft Airlander built by Hybrid Air Vehicles; a 3-D printed bike by Renishaw; drones by Aerialtronics; a 3-D printed robot that copies what you do, built by Automata tech and Pavegen, who harvest kinetic energy.

CUQqIw6XIAA4xhNAt BIS 2015, Localz also met our partner and corporate innovation specialist L Marks. The Founder of the company, Stuart Marks, participated in one of the panels 'The Future of Enterprise'. Kris Barnes, Head of Marketing at L Marks, who accompanied Stuart Marks at BIS 2015 commented: "The inaugural Business Innovation Summit from KPMG and HSBC indicated that big business leaders acknowledge that every industry is being disrupted. Rather than seeing this as a threat, the event showed that big business is becoming increasingly open to innovation, both from within their organisation and by working more closely with the talent and innovation coming from the startup community."

The Business Innovation Summit 2015 was an amazing opportunity for Localz to showcase what location technology can do to empower businesses to innovate. Our team really enjoyed being part of the event and we look forward to participating in similar events.