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Localz and Rufus Leonard Announce Partnership

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Localz is excited to announce our new partnership with Rufus Leonard, the number one digital agency of 2015, according to the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA). Localz and Rufus Leonard will be working together to deliver awesome customer experiences using the latest in micro-location technology.


With a 25 year track record of providing agency services to the likes of Lloyds,  Transport for London, O2 and Bupa, Rufus Leonard knows that a company’s brand is the sum of all the experiences people have with it. They understand that customers don’t separate a company’s brand from their marketing or their physical, web, mobile and social presence.

“Understanding the importance of a seamless customer experience, is key to making the most of location technology. That is why Rufus Leonard are a great partner for us - they get this, and know how to make it happen,” said Tim Andrew, Commercial Director at Localz.

Location technology, like beacons, GPS, WiFi and NFC, can be used to improve the customer experience by bridging the customer’s digital activity with what they do in the physical world. Businesses can know where their customers are in the physical world, and communicate with them on their smart phone, at that moment. This connects the activity the customer has had online in the digital world, with what they are doing and where they are in the physical world, and opens up a whole range of new possible customer experiences.

The challenge in the past has been, to use location technology, like beacons, at scale. The Localz Spotz platform solves this problem, by abstracting locations away from the mobile application. Spotz provides a management platform and a mobile SDK that can be included in a mobile app. Rufus Leonard can manage locations via the Localz platform, and update location information across all customers instantly, without a new release of the app. This provides a scalable solution for Rufus Leonard to deploy and manage location technology for their customers.

“We are looking forward to working with Localz, as micro-location is key to connecting the physical and online worlds to provide a seamless customer experience. Customer experience is core to our business, and we are excited by the opportunity to work with Localz to do new and exciting things with location technology,” said Laurence Parkes, Chief Strategy Officer at Rufus Leonard.