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Discussing the Rapid Changes in Demands Around Delivery

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Our CEO Tim Andrew joins Bea Warner of Exaactly, Andrew Mukerjee of Brisqq, David Saenez of Stuart and Alex Perez Fagero of what3words, on a panel at The Delivery Conference 2018. 

The Delivery Conference 2018

The Leaders and Heroes in delivery will discuss how the market can/should improve and innovate its service offerings, in order to fulfil consumer’s expectations of delivery.

Discussion will be opened by Steve Borges, Co-founder of BigLight, on the trends in delivery that are contributing to demand for same day and immediacy. Steve will explore what the ideal delivery service looks like to the consumer.

'Expect fascinating discussion around changing consumer expectation and growth of the Individual Economy - Iconomy'

Consumers are migrating to online shopping and the delivery of their goods to them where and when they want them is a huge part of the shopping experience.

The definition of what constitutes "fast shipping" is changing rapidly as more retailers and companies offer expedited shipping services. According to a Deloitte study, 54% of shoppers surveyed said "fast shipping" means delivery in two days or less. About 35% consider three to four day shipping "fast", falling from as much as 63% in 2015.

Consumers expect shipping flexibility. Amazon Prime is blamed universally for this shift in expectation. The wildly successful service offers both expedited and free shipping to its paying members. But the thing is, Prime delivery isn’t free. It has an annual cost of £79/$99. Rather, Amazon has been so aggressive at adding other benefits to the Prime service it FEELS to the customer like free shipping.

Real insight on the challenges.

Tim will add real market insight on how our technology is helping our customers improve and innovate their collection and delivery services. Smart technology that integrates easily is key to help delivery companies fulfil the consumer’s expectation of having things where and when they want them.

For more on the Deloitte study:

The Delivery Conference is taking place on 30th January 2018, at Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London #TDC18