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Proof of delivery: An essential part of the last mile

Advanced proof of delivery (POD) software makes life better for customers, delivery drivers, customer service employees, and business leaders. Here’s how.

Electronic proof of delivery software benefits

Tech-powered giants like Amazon and food delivery apps have set customer expectations sky-high when it comes to delivery. Businesses from grocery stores to construction suppliers must figure out how to meet these demands.

Proof of delivery (POD) is one key mechanism for ensuring that your products are delivered on time, to the right place, and to the right person.

There’s more to POD than getting a signature, though — advanced electronic proof of delivery software can enable timely delivery updates, contactless delivery, and other features customers are asking for.

When you’re looking for the right last-mile delivery software, POD functionality should be high on your list. Here are some of the benefits of proof of delivery solutions.

Improved customer experience

Today’s customers expect more transparency into their deliveries, from the warehouse or store to their doorstep.




Proof of delivery software can help you provide that transparency and improve the last-mile customer experience with features like:

  • Automatic email/SMS delivery notifications
  • Photo confirmation to provide visual proof of where the driver left a package
  • In-depth driver notes for post-delivery documentation (e.g. “Left package with receptionist”)

Proof of delivery solutions that go beyond a simple signature lead to fewer lost packages, fewer failed deliveries, and an improved customer experience.


Improved driver experience

Advanced proof of delivery solutions don’t just benefit customers, they also benefit delivery drivers.




Mobile proof of delivery software can provide a configurable checklist of criteria to meet in order to complete the delivery. This could be a checklist of items, an item condition report, or simply a reminder to check the customer’s ID. This reduces the need for paperwork, and is especially helpful in complex delivery situations.

With digital POD software, all of these interactions can be geo-coded and time-stamped, to iron out any customer discrepancies. Drivers can be confident that they are meeting customer expectations and providing all items in a satisfactory condition.


Reduced workload for customer service teams

When deliveries are missed or failed, customers are likely to contact your customer service team. Increasing reliance on home delivery has put a burden on customer care teams, and many companies have had to increase the resources allocated to these departments as a result.




POD software that keeps customers in the loop can reduce the burden on customer service departments by helping ensure package deliveries are completed and transparently documented.

Digital proof of delivery can be shared instantly with office-based staff via a dashboard. When customers do call, your support team will be armed with everything that they need to know.

Finally, a timestamped, geo-tagged photo can also prove that a package was delivered in good condition — which is invaluable for managing disputes.

Considerations for choosing electronic proof of delivery

Adding proof of delivery tools to your last-mile tech stack can dramatically increase efficiency in the last mile. Not all POD tools are equally effective, so be sure to look for last-mile management software that includes:

  • Support for e-signatures, photos, and notes
  • Integrations with your existing tech stack
  • An easy-to-use platform interface
Localz offers those features and more to help you create a more efficient delivery process that keeps customers and employees happy.