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What to look for in last-mile delivery management software

Last-mile delivery management software can optimise your delivery process by reducing costs, driving efficiency, and helping you to engage with customers. Here are three key features to look for when choosing delivery management software for your organisation.

Last mile delivery software includes routing, proof of delivery and customer communications

E-commerce and online ordering have exploded over the last few years, and the pandemic has only increased customers’ desire — and need — for streamlined, transparent, and flexible delivery experiences.

Customers’ skyrocketing expectations have created new challenges for retailers, especially those who are responsible for their own last-mile fulfillment, like grocery stores and equipment rental companies.

Now more than ever, companies need to ensure a frictionless customer experience and make last-mile delivery more efficient. One of the best ways to achieve this is through last-mile delivery management software.

Most last-mile delivery management software will offer comparable basic functionality. But to meet the challenges of today’s high-expectation deliveries, you should look for these three key features:

1. Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery (POD) is key to ensuring that your products are delivered on time, to the right place, and to the right person.

Not only does POD provide clarity for all parties, but it also helps in the event of a dispute about whether an item was delivered or lost.

The best delivery management software will offer support for several POD types, including e-signatures, photos, and notes.

When your POD is as clear, accurate, and detailed as possible, it benefits you, your customers, and your drivers.


2. Customer engagement tools

Simply delivering products on time is no longer enough; customers now demand a more personalised, convenient process that prioritises their experience.

That’s why communicating with customers before, during, and after delivery is critical for driving engagement and creating a happy, loyal customer base that returns time and again.

This communication can happen via methods like delivery time reminders, real-time updates, and customer feedback surveys.

Despite its importance, a lot of last-mile delivery management software is missing these key customer engagement features. Choosing a provider that offers customer engagement tools can make a big difference in customer loyalty and long-term revenue.


3. Ease of integration

If you don’t want to rebuild your entire tech stack, it’s important to find a software that will easily integrate with popular applications. Think: Google Maps, Salesforce, ServiceMax, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Amazon Web Services, and more.

Look for solutions that are platform-agnostic and play nicely with your existing technologies, and that offer APIs instead of forcing you to switch platforms.

In addition, flexible SDKs for Android and iOS will allow for integration with your existing driver and customer-facing apps.

Bottom line: You should partner with a delivery management software provider who will work with the tech stack you currently have and create a customized integration plan that makes sense for your organisation.


The best last-mile delivery management software will offer three key features: proof of delivery, ease of integration, and customer engagement tools.

By investing in the right solution for your business, you’ll optimise your delivery process by reducing costs, driving efficiency, and engaging your customers.

Localz is a configurable customer engagement platform built for last-mile delivery that offers the features mentioned here and more.  Get in touch to find out how to create a better, more efficient delivery process that keeps customers coming back again and again.