Kontakt Beacons in Berlin

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Localz was excited to join the sneak preview of Kontakt's new Proximity Studio in Berlin. The VIP Launch Party showcased a new beacon experience space. Partners were also given a sneak preview of new Kontakt beacon products.

At Localz, we use are fans of Kontakt beacon hardware. Kontakt beacons are good quality, and we enjoy working with the Kontakt team. They are always happy to discuss new ways of using beacons and are also interested in feedback from our deployments. So, I was looking forward to checking out their new Proximity Studio in Berlin.

Kontakt's new Proximity Studio is located in hipster central of the most hipster city, Berlin. In amongst fellow tech businesses along Paul-Lincke-Ufer in the in the X-Berg quarter, it is perfectly located to make the most of the burgeoning tech community in Berlin.

The space itself was light, airy and welcoming. People easily relaxed and could interact with the beacon experiences displayed. Evidently, quite a few more people than expected turned up for the event. The venue coped with the stretch easily and didn't feel crowded or cramped. A variety of rooms and room sizes enabled people to wander freely,  to browse the different experiences at ease. I could see that this would be a great place to bring customers, and to have future events.

Kontakt Proximity Studio showcasing Kontakt beacon experiencesBerlin


Some interesting experiences were displayed, including a virtual magazine. A device displayed magazine style content, for use in a something like a waiting room, that changed depending on the location of the device. The idea is that a business could quickly and easily provide interesting content to visitors, that keeps them engaged while they were waiting.

Ever wanted to check out another city, from where you are standing? One idea enabled people to virtually experience other locations. By using beacons to trigger live videos, which could also have linked to live stream, I could put a device near 'New York' and be transported to the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.

My favourite experience was from XponiaXponia provides gallery visitors with an interactive experience. As art lovers walk into a gallery space, they can see detailed information about the artwork they are looking at.

Exponia uses Kontakt beacons to provide an interactive art experience

We did get a sneak preview of some exciting new things coming from Kontakt. I can't share the detail here, as this is yet to be launched. However, I was excited to hear about new Kontakt software coming. There are also new features coming for the Cloud and Smart Beacons, which will enable some great new beacon experiences.

It was great to be there at the launch of Kontakt's innovative Proximity Studio. I'm looking forward to seeing what new and exciting beacon experiences will be showcased there in the coming months.

Street art near Kontakt Beacon Proximity Studio Paul-Lincke-Ufer Berlin