Knock knock....who’s there? Safeguarding Customers and Mobile Workers

In these extraordinary times, we are all hyper-aware of who we are interacting with on a day-to-day basis. This awareness is further heightened as the total number of people we see and connect within the real world is radically reduced, while movement is restricted to assist in efforts to #flattenthecurve.

Despite this reduction, there are a number of essential services that must continue to function. Many of these are delivered by mobile workers. Plumbers fixing broken heating and boilers, electricians restoring power, utility personnel performing essential maintenance, healthcare workers attending to in-home patients - it’s a vast list.

There are many challenges for these mobile workers who need to gain efficient, timely and safe access in order to do their jobs. For the consumers who need their service, there is also a sense of vulnerability and often fear. 

At Localz, we posed ourselves the question:  “How might we help both consumers and service personnel to be safe and get the job done fast?"


Enhanced Day-of-Service Communications

We have rapidly enhanced our existing Day of Service communications platform to help our partners and customers to deliver a COVID-19 compliant solution that enables:

  • Essential information on the mobile worker to be shared in advance with the consumer including photo identification, vehicle registration number and relevant license credentials. 
  • Pre-arrival information and tasks along with accurate ETAs that update in real-time. This helps the consumer to be prepared and know exactly who is coming and when;
  • Real-time, two-way communications between the mobile worker and the consumer so that property access can be contactless, maintaining safe social distance.
  • The issuing of unique one-time PINs enable deliveries and service appointments to be authorised, approved and completed. There is no need for any physical contact or signing on a device.
  • For product deliveries ‘to the doorstep’, customers can advise a safe place, track precise arrival, and can be notified of delivery - so they can quickly take in their package.

We want to ensure that as many organisations as possible can make use of this facility to protect their colleagues and customers. With that in mind, we have committed the resources to make it simple to configure and implement within hours - regardless of the existing systems and workflows.

The Localz team is very focused on using our unique technology to assist wherever we can, so if you’d like some help keeping your team and consumers safe, do get in touch ASAP and we’ll lean in.

Posted by Tim Andrew - CEO and Co-Founder

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