Inside HSS Hire's Digital Transformation

HSS Hire is a leading supplier of tool and equipment rentals in the UK with over 200 local branches. The company credits 90% of its business to B2B sales, and 70% of this business is delivered directly to site. Keeping both B2B and B2C customers happy is crucial in ensuring repeat business.

HSS was looking for experts in real-time communication challenges who had products that could rapidly integrate with its plans to digitize customer service. This large scale transformation has moved forward through a series of well planned and managed phased rollouts to enable business as usual.


Digitizing the Day of Service

Dave Raywood, Procurement and Marketing Director at HSS Hire, recently shared his thoughts on the company’s digital transformation detailing internal and external challenges in driving new technologies.

“In our world there is an increasing commoditization of what we do. To our customers a scissor lift is a scissor lift, a drill is a drill. They don't really care which one it is, they just want the right tool for the job at the date and time they need and for the cheapest price. It takes one failed delivery to lose a customer to a competitor."


Localz has worked with HSS to transform its last mile delivery and collection experience. Powering their app, real-time tracking of orders and the ability to communicate directly with drivers helps ensure trouble free deliveries and collections.



Field Service Solutions for Equipment Rental & Leasing Companies

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For heavy equipment rental and leasing companies, every day matters when it comes to getting the best utilization out of your assets.

Keep customers aware on the day of service with Uber-style tracking to increase first time success rates for equipment deliveries and collections.

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