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Improving Staff Efficiency with Mobile Technology

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Dusk Mobile works with large enterprises to solve efficiency challenges through introducing innovative mobile technologies. These range from apps to beacons, telematics to mobile device management and everything in between.

Broadly these challenges can be categorised into staff and customers.

Enabling staff to become the mobile worker is critical to staff retention, productivity and cost optimisation. Dusk Mobile facilitates this through their own proprietary technology stack and also that of its partners. Whether it be making back office operational data available through custom designed applications, facilitating real time retrieval and completion of field data or enabling staff to complete sales and HR information whilst on the move, Dusk Mobile enables this through BYOD or company provided assets.

16Enhancing the customer experience is being driven by demand, demand of the customer who expects a personal experience and on their terms. From that we are seeing the appetite for in-store experiences and app based interaction is growing, with companies looking to win new business. Ease of transacting is the end state the company is aiming for.

A key challenge for enterprises is not just making information available but also securely. Dusk Mobile enables this through AirWatch by VMWare, their Enterprise Mobile Management partner. Through this mechanism, mobile users are able to securely receive email, apps, documentation and have it all removed in the event of theft or departure from the company. This satisfies both employer and employee.

When Dusk Mobile signs with a strategic partner, they are few and far between. By virtue of the area we work in, we find few partners are as equally focused. Localz were introduced to us through a beacon hardware supplier whilst we were looking to service a customer requirement.

Over the last 6 months we have worked closely with Localz. Spending time at their Melbourne office with the Executive team and also with Jason Were, their National Business Development Manager as we work together to solve some interesting enterprise challenges. With the Localz expansion internationally and Dusk on the same track, we have visited the Localz London office a couple of times already, as we look at opportunities in Europe. The team is experienced enterprise professionals who are passionate about their product. From a diverse set of backgrounds, Dusk has worked with many of the team now and consider them a knowledgeable, driven bunch of guys and girls.

The Spotz platform has been well built and documented, enabling easy to integrate solutions to be built by the Dusk team. Our team have had no technical issues utilising the platform and have been able to quickly and easily understand it.

The enterprise beacon market that Localz play in has so much potential in all industry verticals. As an enterprise mobile solutions company, Dusk has sat across boardroom tables with prospects and clients with so many discussing beacons. This was a driver for Dusk to find a strategic partner in this area so we could deliver innovative solutions in this area.

Localz has delivered on all their promises and more through the relationship thus far.

As a fellow enterprise mobile solutions company, we hold them in high regard with their insatiable appetite to innovate and look forward to a long relationship with them.

This guest post was written by Alan King, Founder & Group Chief Executive at Dusk Mobile.


alan Alan King has over 10 years’ experience in IT Systems and Mobility Solutions. He founded Dusk Mobile in 2013 with focus on consulting, innovative technologies and solution delivery, within the enterprise mobility market.