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Find the Perfect Match

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What if there is a simple way to receive pairing recommendations on your device whilst walking between aisles in a store? Or what if you could obtain all the necessary information about a specific product, like available sizes, price or ingredients, on the spot, without having to ask staff for help?

Have you ever struggled to find the right shoes to go with the dress you just bought or the perfect wine for your dinner meal?


Imagine the following situation: You are looking for a dress for a cocktail party and you find the perfect one, but you do not have suitable shoes. What if your smartphone could tell you what shoes suit the dress and what sizes are available in the store right now? Your phone can then navigate you around the store to show you where the shoes are, too. Amazing, right?

Now, lets consider a similar situation. You are in another store, looking at a new laptop and you want to find out details about the product, such as what the price is, where it is produced and how much memory it has. You take out your smartphone, open the retailer’s app, place it near the product display, and all the necessary information is displayed on your screen. And not only that, but you can also compare prices for the same product from different retailers.

Localz uses location technology to enable a richer product browsing experience, pairing recommendations and details about any product in-store. As well as enhancing the in-store experience, this enables retailers to expand the aisle from not just what is in front of the customer in the store, but to give endless options online – a true endless aisle experience. Whether retailers choose to use Wi-Fi, geofencing, beacons, QR codes, RFID, NFC or a combination of location technologies, Localz helps them to deliver the right content in real-time to encourage on-site purchases.

Recently, Localz demonstrated the solution at Retail Business Technology Expo. We worked with Secure Retail, payment solution providers, and Display Data, BLE Electronic Shelf Labels (BESL) manufacturers, to create a solution where customers can walk into a store, choose a product, find details about it and purchase it. On the Secure Retail stand at RBTE, attendees could download the Secure Retail demo app, created by Localz, and place it close to a product label, provided by Display Data. Simultaneously, a pop-up message would appear with all the details about the product, including other products and offers that might be of interest. To illustrate better how the combined solution works, watch this video:



Customers want a rich experience, with quick access to information from, when shopping in-store. They want help to choose what to buy, in a way that is non-intrusive, that they can control. Location technology allows retailers to deliver exactly what customers want: informative, interactive, efficient service. So the next time customers are not sure which shoes to buy, they can use the retailers’ app to find the perfect match.