What is happening to the ‘era of the customer’? 

Right now, I feel a little peeved off. 

It’s meant to be the era of the customer, where numerous conferences in the retail, utilities, field services , that I’ve attended, have all pushed the agenda of Customer Experience (CX) being key. 

So what is the problem? 

Everywhere I go the conversation has been clear, ‘Its all about our customers’ Presenters alike are spruiking the amazing CX they provide. 

Why then, in so many areas of our lives, is the experience anything but that? 

Two reasons stand out to me: 

  1. Organisations think they are doing a great job (but have they actually asked their customers?); and
  2. Our (the general public) expectations have changed. To use a term from the 80’s ‘the goalposts have moved’….. and guess what, they are going to keep moving. 

It is now completely unacceptable to expect people to be at home with a 4-hour window, waiting for a service technician. In fact, it is unacceptable to wait 2 hours, 1 hour or even 30 minutes. 



Firstly, the technology to improve this is already here. Real-time tracking to your door, is now, not a pretend “we are on our way” but to-the-minute ETA. Technology that allows you to see the person who will be coming; technology that allows you to communicate with them directly. Yes, that’s right, no more having to call the dreaded call centre. Whoop Whoop! 

Secondly, we are busy people, with jobs of our own. Very few people can afford to be hanging around at home waiting for a technician to arrive. 

In my very own example; I have had a service provider come to my property not once but seven times. Each time they have given me a four-hour window, that’s 28 hours of wait time for a person who must be over 18 (that would be me, the working person). 

Never mind the fact you would like to run to the loo or heaven forbid have a shower. Murphy’s law is me in the shower and ‘ding dong’. Then there is the embarrassing run to the door to grab them before they take off and rescheduling looms, which involves a call to that dreaded call centre again.

So, the question begs, why is every company with people in the field not providing this wonderful service? 

Could it be they are using different contractors? Do they think they are providing great service already? (“80% of companies believe they deliver super customer experiences, but only 8% of their customers agree.”) Is it lack of action to get the technology? Or the need for several languages? Could it be they are a large-scale enterprise with several scheduling tools, that requires integration.

The solution

Luckily, Localz is able to address all of the above and can provide this much-wanted technology, now.

Uberization of Field Services

Who knows why some companies are not providing real-time tracking with accurate ETA notifications? But in the eyes of the customer, quite frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn. 

Customers unite, let’s get all of those providers out there on track (in real-time) now and into the future.

Posted by Justine Coleman

Justine Coleman is a passionate CX individual having worked with customers experience for two major airlines, a global technology company and now Localz, experts in Location Intelligence for the day of service. Currently she is the Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand. | LinkedIn

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