Digital Transformation Conference 2015

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On the 22nd October at Hotel Russell in London, Tim Andrew, Commercial Director at Localz, presented at Digital Transformation event, run by UNICOM Seminars. The purpose of the event was for attendees to share insights into how organisations are approaching and managing their digital transformation.


The Conference Chair, David Chan from Cass Business School, started the event with a presentation that challenged people to consider digital transformation, not as a standalone topic. He introduced digital transformation as a set of tools that assist in speeding up the cycle of constant and ongoing business transformations.

To explain how Localz CR7PMYUUwAAvP1Duses digital technology to transform businesses, Tim presented case studies on retail clients such as John Lewis and Woolworths. He demonstrated how they have leveraged Localz’s technology to simultaneously improve both business efficiency and customer experience. Tim highlighted how clever deployment of location technology has enabled significant savings such as halving time to fulfil click and collect orders, reducing hardware costs by 35% and delivering a 30% resource capacity release.

Tim also spoke about location technology being used to track physical assets rather than people. He shared how logistics clients such as Toll Logistics and DPD are innovating in this space. He also clarified how multiple location technologies such as beacons, WiFi, GPS and even QR codes are often required to work in harmony to achieve the frictionless outcome clients and their end consumers are seeking.

Other speakers at the Digital Transformation event included: Dragan Pendic ,Chief Security Architect at Diageo; John Clapham, independent trainer and coach; Stephen Moffitt, Plus or Minus Seven; Rainer Heinold, VP Technology and Services, ASERVO Software GmbH; Mike Shaw, Director of Strategic Marketing at HP Software; Michele Nati, Privacy and Trust Technical Leader at Digital Catapult; Josh Jost, Konnii Consulting, and John Jackson,CIO, Camden Council and Digital Strategy Lead. The reoccurring topic from the presentations was the systemic resistance and fear of change when a new solution is introduced within a company.

Speakers shared their personal experiences and examples of successes and failures from introducing new systems and processes. The highly engaged and interactive audience at Digital Transformation conference gave their opinions about how not only employees are affected by changes, but also end customers. Clients also have to adapt to anything a company decides to do differently. It was also discussed that middle management are often the most significant resistors to change as they perceive their role is affected by changes much more than anyone else within the company.

A key conclusion from the Digital Transformation conference is that those who embrace digital tools and innovation will not just survive, but thrive in this era of more rapid change. They are also the businesses that acknowledge that digital transformation is a big culture change and inclusion of this is a critical success factor.

Localz is excited to help solve the challenges already facing our customers, and those arising in the imminent future. If you’d like to see how using location to open up ways to make your business more efficient that were not previously possible, please get in touch.