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Delivery is the Critical Link in Customer Experience

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We talk about the Individual Economy #Iconomy - the fact that today’s shoppers demand their orders, when and where they want them. They want transparency, a personalised and connected customer experience, from first browse to final delivery. Retailers are expected to use personal details to recognise  preferences and put the customer’s convenience first.

Put simply, if a customer buys something online, delivery is the only physical touchpoint that retailers have with their customers. Yet this is the part of the e-commerce journey they’re most neglecting.

The old model of deliveries on the retailer’s terms is dead and gone

It’s counterproductive for retailers to invest in a personalised experience and then fall at the final hurdle by telling customers when they can have their deliveries, instead of asking when and where they want them. Over half of consumers want flexible shipping and longer delivery hours.

Woolworths Click & Collect

Retailers have realised that excelling at personalisation and convenience is an incredibly valuable point of difference, and have invested in services to improve their offerings in this area. We work with Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s and Countdown to turn in-store collections into seamless customer experience.


Improve convenience and create a bespoke feeling with delivery

It matters to consumers. Research by shipping platform Temando has found that for 39% of customers, a late, delayed or damaged delivery would lead to reduced loyalty.

30% are more likely to return an item if the delivery experience was not adequate.

41% of consumers said “fast delivery” as a key reason they stay loyal to a retailer.

62% of consumers say they are happy to wait three days to receive free delivery of products.

Consumers clearly have an expectation of what a retail experience should look like in today’s digital world and are willing to offer their loyalty in exchange for retailers able to meet that expectation. Retailers who invest in technologies keep ahead and close the gap between customer expectation and today’s reality.

The Localz team are sponsors of Customer Experience World.  Our purpose is to use location technology and real-time messaging to deliver happiness to consumers. We understand the last mile like no one else.

Localz CEW London 2018


Download our last mile Retail Study with Eyefortransport here, featuring commentary from Screwfix,, DPD UK and DHL.