Count Me In: the clicker counter app for retailers

Social distancing regulations have forced retailers to rethink everything, including how to reduce and manage in-store capacity to ensure safe practices. The Localz Count Me In people counter app and management dashboard was created to allow for simple store traffic management using the devices your employees already have.

See a complete snapshot of your company’s overall traffic for each store in real-time with easy to understand trends. Report on activity with confidence while ensuring the safety and security of your employees and customers.

A new, digital people counter clicker

Unlike manual clickers and basic digital counters, the Count Me In clicker counter app gives you a real-time accurate count of how many people are in your store right now. Sync up your counter with multiple colleagues at different entry and exit points. The app automatically syncs the count in real-time so you always have the correct number in your hand.

Count Me In Real-Time People Counting Solution


Set individual store capacity thresholds

Set your store capacity and the app will automatically alert you when you’re getting close to and reach the capacity to help you effectively manage the flow of customers into the store. Keep your colleagues and customers safe by ensuring that you don’t have too many people in the store to enable safe social distancing.


Management dashboard with tracking insights

The Count Me In management dashboard provides office-based staff with an overview of all total visitors by store. View which stores are under, near or over capacity, and understand the trends of customer traffic flow over time. View in-store traffic remotely with real-time accuracy. All current and historical data can be easily exported for reporting and is conveniently available alongside Collection data for Click & Collect customers.

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Getting back to business, safely

For retailers, multiple entrances and exit points only complicate the problem of keeping a safe store capacity. Make it simple to track people coming in and out of multiple entrances and exit points with one touch. Using unlimited counting devices that simultaneously sync, stores can implement Count Me In and scale quickly.

Download the free public App today and learn more about enterprise functionality here.


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