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Consumers are Forcing Changes in How Retailers and Carriers do Business

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Delivery can ‘make or break’ a brand’s reputation. 

Last Mile Logistics Report 2018


2018 State of the Last Mile Report

The last mile has become the melting pot of expectations for consumer, retailer and logistics provider alike. A highly pressurised vat of expectation and emotion which often explodes; with today’s connected consumers not afraid to broadcast their woes when they feel the fulfilment of their order has been poor. 

Delivery can ‘make or break’ a brand’s reputation.

It was time to take a snapshot of the state of the last mile. Localz paired with Eye for Transport to pursue a new piece of research.


Who is in the report?

Chain and Logistics Business Intelligence leaders Eyefortransport ( paired with us to survey 194 executives from leading global logistics providers and 129 supply chain executives.

We asked the tricky questions: What is the biggest challenge in last mile? What does a perfect last mile partner look like? What does the future hold?

In-depth insight is provided by last mile innovators like VeLove - with their Smart City Solution, the Armadillo bike. Industry leaders DPD and DHL provide commentary throughout the report.


VeLove: The Smart City Solution



Why read it?

Understand the biggest challenges for logistics providers in the last mile. Find out what customers expect. What are the movers and shakers in logistics implementing?

How will logistics keep pace with the growing Individual Economy? The Iconomy – giving consumers what they want, where they want, first time when they want it.


Last Mile Logistics Report 2018



Download the Last Mile Logistics Report 2018 here.


This research headlined at The Retail Fulfilment Summit, Melbourne. Tim Andrew, CEO Localz, was the keynote speaker on the impact of the Iconomy trending across retail.

A write-up of the research, with an interview with Tim, can be read in Retail Dive.


Source: Retail Dive