Conference engagement with beacons

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Conferences can be informative, busy and fun all at the same time, but often they can be quite challenging.

Creating a seamless engagement experience through the implementation of beacons might be just what is needed to make it that bit easier, along with an attendee app.

Attendee check in

Arriving at a conference is sometimes hectic and signing in can take sometime, so lets take the experience digital and have users download a conference app to smooth the process over.
Those with the app will be able to ‘check-in’ to the event with conference staff receiving notifications and real-time updates of these check-ins.

Networking will take a new form with the help of beacons. Those checked into the event will be ‘connected’ to others via LinkedIn, receiving push notifications that someone at the event could be of interest to them and their business. The user will then be able to either connect with their fellow attendee on LinkedIn or send a message to them via the app, suggesting a ‘meet-up’ (this meet-up option must first be enabled by the user before it can influence which push notifications are sent to them). For attendees already connected on LinkedIn a push notification will be sent to notify them of a connections arrival.

Making your way around the conference

Conferences now spread out to great lengths in hotels, exhibition centres and halls, which results in long travel times. In order to reduce travel times and stop those who are prone to getting lost find their way quickly, a navigation system will be implemented. The system will feature an interactive map where attendees will be able to receive step by step directions to find a booth, conference room or any other point of interest. The map, which will be accessible on the attendee app, will also show crowd traffic, allowing a user to find an alternative route if traffic is too heavy when they're in a rush.

First Speaker

You have just sat down to hear the first speaker of the day and you made it a little bit too late which now has you seated at the back, not what you want when your eye sight is already terrible. Lucky you have your attendee app downloaded on your phone, because you can now download PDFs and slides, allowing you to access everything in the palm of your hand.


A perfect opportunity for host venues to reach new audiences and create some revenue. Attendees will receive coupons and vouchers as push notifications when they are in close range to a restaurant or bar. For entertainment facilities, like casinos, discounts to shows performed at the venue will also generate greater revenue and act as an advertising avenue with direct messages being sent to attendees at different times of the day, e.g. “We have a few seats left for tonights show. Take 20% off with this coupon and enjoy a great show!”

Billboards will also become interactive at the venue. An attendee will be able to hover their smartphone over a beacon placed next to a sign which will produce specific targeted content relating to the billboard. Including trailers for movies, information on a restaurant or bar and any other advertising content.

Conference Bags

We all know what it’s like to come home from a conference with a handful of conference bags. Brochures, flyers and a million pens that you will never use, surely their is a smarter way to reduce such waste. Enter ‘Scan a Conference Bag’, a digital addition to the production of collateral. Attendee’s interested in a specific company will be able to download a conference bag on their smartphone app and view material in PDF format as well as receive links to the companies website and any apps they have for download. Those with paid apps could use this opportunity to provide attendees with promo codes, enabling a one off free download.

Increase Engagement 

No one enjoys waiting around for the next speaker at a conference, so lets utilise beacons to create a more engaging and entertaining experience for attendees.

The app can be used to create a scavenger hunt for attendees over the length of the conference, this might include tricky questions and riddles which would not only provide a more enjoyable experience for attendees but provide them with information on topics of interest. Scavenger hunts can result in prizes and vouchers to nearby restaurants for attendees, with winners being announced on the app.

With app check-ins, comes greater ability to track numbers of attendees on site, allowing for competitions to run including a congratulation to the 1st, 100th and very last checked in attendee. All winners then receiving a prize specific to the event in question.