Click & Collect Part 3: The Customer Experience

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Part three in the Click & Collect series. In this final chapter we look at the customer experience and how to create a purposeful service for shoppers.

The reason Click & Collect services are increasing in popularity, is because customers find them a better way to buy and receive their goods. The ever busy, time-poor customer is just as likely to choose a retailer for convenience, as for the range of products they sell.

So for retailers to remain competitive, ensuring their Click & Collect service is quick and easy for the customer, is key.

With this use of location technology, Localz was able to reduce average collection times for retailers by over 7 mins. The fastest collection so far has been 15 seconds. A customer with this experience, is much more likely to stay engaged with the brand and continue to actively use their app.

In addition to this, the Click & Collect process is a great way for retailers to boost in-store sales, as customers often purchase further items when they come to the store to collect. Providing and offer to a customer on their phone whilst in-store, at the time when an offer might be most likely to be accepted, is a good cross-sell option for retailers. For example, if a customer purchases an iPad, the retailer may wish to provide an offer for iPad accessories, whilst they are in-store to collect it.

The key here, however, is to ensure that the communication with the customer is focused on what is important to them – which is fast and efficient service. If an irrelevant offer is pushed to a customer, at a time that is not convenient for them, the customer may feel like they are being spammed. The risk here, is that a customer may find this intrusive, and delete the app. Apps are easy to install, but also easy to delete – so the smart retailers are very focused on providing an engaging and helpful mobile app experience for their customers.

Localz has worked with leading retailers to use location technology to provide a fast, efficient Click & Collect service, whilst also providing personalised offers, relevant to where the customer is in the real world, in a non-intrusive and engaging way.

The first part in this process, is by encouraging customers to download the app, to help them with their parcel collection. Being able to skip the collection queue is something that is of interest to the customer – they don’t want to wait in line. Localz found out just how important this was to people at the Grand National earlier this year, when 88% of people who used a Click&Collect app to skip the queue and pick up their drinks, said that it improved their race day.

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Retailers can improve the day for their customers in a similar way. Once a customer has the app on their phone, as they approach the store, they can be sent a message to their phone, asking if they have a package to collect. If they say ‘yes’, whilst the retailer’s staff prepare the parcel for collection, the customer can be guided to the collection desk. It is at this time, that they can also receive a complimentary offer on their phone. The retailer may even have the complimentary item waiting for the customer. For example, if they are collecting a phone, they may have the suggested phone case available for purchase at the collection desk. This provides the customer with a pleasant and engaging experience, reducing their wait time and helping them with information that is relevant for them.

With customers actively using their app, retailers can gain data on how their customers are moving about the store, and when they are most likely to collect items, enabling them to improve the service even further. For example, Woolworths found that the most popular times for collection were Sunday, followed by Saturday and Monday. With the new streamlined service, they could also enable a collection at 21.55 hours, to be completed before store close at 22.00.

With these kind of results, the competition to provide the best service and secure the Click & Collect shopper will continue to increase. Only retailers who embrace the best in technology to maximise the efficiency of their service will succeed.

See the Click&Collect solution Localz provided for John Lewis on this video.