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Cinema of the Future

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In one of our last blog posts we explored some of the places people could benefit from a deployment of beacons. We loved one of those ideas so much we thought we might explore it further by designing a beacon experience for Village Cinemas.

The imagined experience will be reliant on a Localz designed app which will be specific to Village Cinemas. It will interact with a deployment of beacons at entry ways to the venue, carpark and inside the cinema.


Driving into a carpark or walking into a Village Cinema your smartphone app will detect your location, through beacons placed at entry points to the venue. The app will welcome you to the location and provide you with detailed information specific to that cinema location, for example contact number, operating hours and address. What will also be provided on the app is real time updates and current movie sessions running at the cinema. Use the app to watch trailers, if you can't decide on what to see, once you have decided purchase tickets from the palm of your hand. Any tickets purchased will also feature access to discounts available to the user, sometimes through a mobile service provider, for Village Cinemas that is a Telstra Movie Reward, which you can link by signing into your account on the cinema app.

Once your ticket is purchased it will be stored in a ‘My Tickets’ section on the app, allowing easy detection of the ticket later.

As you continue your approach to the cinema, tickets now purchased, you can use your mobile device to ‘check in’ to the venue. When you have checked in you may hand your phone to the ticket attendant who can make note of your ticket and confirm your check in.

Use the time before your film starts to stock up on sweet treats at the Candy Bar, if the line looks long and you don't want to wait you may choose to ‘pre-order’ your snacks on the app. Utilising Localz Click & Collect success of the past, you can view menus, pricing and make a selection. Pay using your direct debit card or any gift card linked to your account on the app. Once payment is complete a user will receive a ticketed receipt with a collection number on it, a screen at the candy bar will alert when your order is ready along with a push notification on your device. If you're running a bit late to the film, select the ‘delivery’ option, this will allow you to take your seat and have your order delivered to your allocated seat. This feature is only accessible before the film starts and during trailers.

If you aren't running late and have a bit of time before the film, top up your ‘Play’ account on the app which will allow you to use your phone to pay for arcade games on site. Enjoy a quick game of air hockey or save the world from a zombie apocalypse, just wave your device over a beacon located directly on the arcade games. The beacon engagement will prompt you to confirm the deduction of funds and once confirmed the game will be enabled.

When it’s time to view the film use your app to get directions to the cinema you are in, if needed the map built in will also guide you to your allocated seats.
Time to sit back, relax and enter another world.


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