Bringing The Melbourne Immigration Museum to life with beacons

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At Localz, we like to imagine the different experiences we could create by working with companies and organisations using our location based technology. We’re fortunate to have a fascinating and diverse place to revolutionise with beacons on our doorstep -  the Melbourne Immigration Museum.

The Immigration Museum is located in the historic Old Customs House building in Melbourne’s CBD and tells the stories of migrants from all walks of life through a mix of images, memorabilia, sound and moving images. The museum currently utilises a self-guided tour app, available for free for both Apple and Android smartphones and available in 6 different languages.

Keeping the original app, we would redesign some of its functions and availability to provide real time content to its user.

Entering the museum 

For individuals who require disabled access into the building an interactive map feature will be utilised, in conjunction with already displayed signs. The map will pin point exact entry points and real-time location of where you are in comparison to the entry point.

Once inside the museum you will be able to utilise the purchase desk option to buy tickets or you can use your handheld device, with a new component being added to the existing app. Users will be able to select the ticket they require, those selecting concession may be required to show proof upon arrival. With purchasing complete, a QR code confirmation ticket will be available to view in the app, which you can show staff upon entering, to speed up your entry into the facility.

Have no fear if you are without a smartphone, as there will be ones to rent at the visitors counter, just leave a valid ID and we will return it once you do!

Beacon-enabled smart signs

With a phone in hand and app downloaded, visitors will be able to pass phones over a beacon-enabled smart sign to show information on a nearby display. The information displayed will be relevant to the particular exhibit they are currently exploring, from “Leaving home” to “Journeys of a Lifetime”.

Smart signs will be unique to particular areas of the room and relevant to the content they are next to. This will draw the user to experience more than just the short videos available on the current app, instead it will contain information on every sign positioned around a particular room. A fantastic way of enhancing the experience of vision impaired visitors also, who would now be able to either listen to the content of the sign on their device or enlarge text to allow for easier viewing.

Spoilt for choice?

After a long day of exploring you may be interested in a refreshing drink or light snack. Well, you’re in luck, because the museum currently houses a cafe inside its shop which includes coffees, confectionery and more. On the user enabled app a visitor will be able to access a complete list of all food and drink available for purchase, which is updated in real-time based on stock levels.

For those in a bit of a rush to exit the museum or in desperate need of a caffeine hit, there will be a purchase feature on the app allowing for a coffee order to be placed from anywhere in the museum. Recognising your position on the map a pick-up time will be generated, based on an estimate of how much time people spend in each room and how many rooms you have yet to visit. If the time isn't preferred a user may change it to anytime they wish.

Pay from within the app and your coffee can simply be picked up when you approach the counter as the barista will have your picture and order on a screen in front of them as you arrive.

Last stop, the gift shop

So often the last stop in the visiting experience, the Immigration Museum gift shop shouldn't miss out on the advancements of micro-location enabled technology. Smartphones will recognise your approach to the shop and automatically enable a barcode reader on the top right of your mobile app. This reader will enable a visitor to scan any product in the gift shop, see its price and purchase it, if they wish. For ease of mind of customers and convenience of workers, a receipt will be generated on the user app and placed in a “My history” section. Staff will receive a notification on their enabled smartphone device alerting a purchase has been made, it will specify the customers name, what they purchased and total cost. This will enable staff to greet a customer by name, congratulate them on their purchase and offer a carry bag before wishing them a fond farewell.

Visiting Melbourne’s Immigration Museum is an engaging experience for locals, migrants and travellers alike and augemented with Localz proximity based technology, the museum will be able to create an experience that is easy, accessible and fun.


Image source: Nirmal Kumar Selvaraju ' Flowing traffic in Flinder's Street, Melbourne - In front of Immigration Museum'