Beacons in Hospitals

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Beacons are becoming more common place in public spaces like shopping centres and entertainment venues, but their presence in the most life threatening environment is lacking.

The implementation of beacons in hospitals around the world is essential and will allow for a more efficient and thorough medical processes, with less wait times for patients.

Let's see what areas around a hospital Localz could improve with beacon technology.

Emergency Room
Patients needing emergency assistance will be able to complete an admittance form before even entering the hospital through their smartphone app. Submitting the form once completed will only be available if a patient has entered the hospital, and is within beacon range, in order to reduce further work and delays for staff. The patient will then be able to ‘check-in’ which will prompt hospital staff to receive a notification of the completed form and attendance of the patient on the hospitals own app. To make the process more simplistic when a doctor is available, the patient will receive a notification alerting them to make their way to the reception to be escorted into the Emergency Room.

Once Checked In
After being admitted into the hospital and assigned a bed, staff will be able to access medical records for their patient through an enabled app on a smart device located either at the end of the patients bed or for private rooms at the door way. Access to information will be restricted to staff through double authentication (fingerprint ID and a password) which would be regularly updated. 
Staff will be able to access and update any scheduled appointments, testing or surgeries scheduled for a patient via the app. Once an update has occurred, the patient will receive a notification alerting them of this.

Making Your Way Around 
It can be difficult at times to make your way around a large hospital with multiple corridors, so take the journey from entry to patients room with a real time map. By using the app a visitor will be able to locate restaurants and cafeterias on site, parking locations, elevators and receptions. Real-time updates on the app will notify visitors if their meter is about to expire and send alerts when restaurants are closing.
Notifications alerting of visiting hours ending will also be sent.

Locating Equipment
For hospital staff the use of beacons and a designated app will allow for a more efficient way to track high value equipment. Each individual item of value i.e. wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment will be marked with a unique serial number which can then be tracked via the app with its exact location pin pointed. Real time updates will be available showing staff where an item has moved to.

Hospital Discharge
Making the process of being discharged from a hospital simpler is essential, therefore any forms which need completing before departing can be done through the app on a patients device. Any prescription or medical advice given to the patient will be recorded in the app as well, limiting the need for paper. This will include any updates from the assigned doctor and a calendar feature with upcoming scheduled appointments. The ability to see test results and X-rays from a recent visit will also be available.

These are just some of the ways we think beacons can help change existing hospital processes.

Image Source: Business Report