Beacons at RMIT

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A university campus can sometimes feel like a never ending maze. More often than not it's quite large, spread out over multiple sites and hard to find a simple map so you may find your way around. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or RMIT is one such example, with classes spread out over multiple CBD and northern Melbourne locations.

In order to create a seamless experience for students across all campuses, Localz has imagined a partnership with the university which would deploy hundreds of beacons across campus locations and a user app for iOS and Android devices, available for free purchase.

The App
A user will be able to download the app on any iOS or Android device and simply logon with their RMIT student login, an option can also be selected to allow the app to ‘remember your password’. After logging in, the  information provided will be directed towards the individual users. You can update personal information including address or phone number, access invoice details and any upcoming payment advices. As well as apply to alter your enrolment in classes and courses all from the palm of your hand.

Unsure of what is happening on campus today? Or perhaps you don't want to constantly check back on LMS to see if your exam marks have been posted yet. Whatever the reason, turn on push notifications and be stunned by the amount of helpful information you can access so simply. Beacons will interact with your smartphone when you step on campus so you may receive notices of events taking place that day, from free BBQ’s, to rallies, even alerting you of any visiting guests on campus.

Studying can be quite hectic, especially when you are trying to juggle work and internships at the same time, so it is no wonder you forgot a few things along the way. Never miss another important thing will push notification reminders. Select what you want to be reminded about, exams, assignment due dates and reminders to vote in student elections. You will even be able to use the app to submit your votes and leave reviews for subjects, lecturers and tutors.

Class timetables
Remembering the location of your class weekly doesn't always go to plan, especially when every hallway looks awfully similar. The app will be your personal guide to all things RMIT and your specific course. It will detail, based on your student login, the location and time of all your classes. Notifications of any changes to rooms or cancellation of classes, will be directed to your smartphone through push notifications. Thus eliminating the need to check your emails everyday, a great idea especially for students who miss out on vital information because they are not active in checking emails.

Getting to class or a new building might seem confusing without maps at every corner, so use your smartphone to direct you around campus. The app will recognise a users location and allow for them to select a building and/or class location they would like to find their way to. A built in map will give you walking directions and estimated arrival times, allowing for step by step instructions to make your way around the campus. You’ll never be late to class again.

Group assignments are common place while studying, but finding an appropriate way to communicate with all members of your group can sometimes be difficult. Built into the app will be a messanger service. Use this to effectively send direct messages to all members of your group or an individual person. Set meet up times in the conversation and allow for your location to be tracked by members during the meet up times, so that they can find you in specific locations on campus like the library.

In need of coffee?
A midday perkup might be just what you need to make it through those extra few hours on campus and with ease your device can do all the work by hunting down food and coffee for you. The map feature will be utilised to show the user all surrounding cafes and restaurants. View menus by selecting on a location and when you have made a decision select the item and pay by imputing your banking or card details. Once paid you will receive an alert saying the item is being prepared for you and when ready you will receive another notification. Simply show your phone to the worker on site or your student card which will match all your details on the receipt and away you go.

Fires or natural disasters are just some of the reasons RMIT may choose to evacuate a campus at any time and it is imperative that all students remain aware and up to date of any threats. Push notifications will be used to send alerts to students, with the feature being a mandatory opt in service. Beacons will allow notifications to be sent regarding correct evacuation procedures including meet up points for students once evacuated. An essential service for students as well as staff, to ensure their safety at all times.

Image Source: RMIT University