Beacon Toolkit for iOS

Beacon Toolkit is now available in the app store!  It's totally free, as in no cost to you, no ads and no sharing of data to advertisers.


Download it now. 

Beacon Toolkit is a simple utility that allows your compatible iOS device to become an Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon compatible) broadcaster and scanner. With this app you can automatically generate beacons, load beacons from QR codes or manually create beacons. We’ve also included a beacon ranging service which allows you to monitor proximity to known beacons.

With the iBeacon broadcaster, you can set:
- Device identifier (UUID)
- Device Major ID
- Device Minor ID
- Power (RSSI)

This app requires an iOS device with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth v4.0).

Create a Beacon
Generate Beacons from JSON or QR codes
Archive Beacons
Range Beacons

A short video overview is available on YouTube

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