Paul Swannell, Sales Director at Localz

My fundamental approach is to properly understand clients' priorities, requirements, and desired outcomes, and then to match these to a thorough understanding of my proposition. My thirst for knowledge and attention to detail help me quickly to become an SME in my field, in turn enabling me to act genuinely in the role of trusted advisor to clients.

Housing customer feedback – what’s the point?

11 minutes read

For many years, the measurement of customer satisfaction (CSAT) has played an important role in the housing sector. Most Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) publish annual CSAT targets – both for repairs and ‘overall satisfaction’ – and they publish attainment against those targets. 

Given that most RSLs have more demand than they can cope with, rents are largely regulated, and the concepts of upsell, cross-sell and repeat-purchase don’t apply, you might ask “what are we actually trying to...

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Housing repairs - keeping up with the Joneses (or Amazon, Uber, DPD…)

6 minutes read

In the last year I’ve increasingly heard housing associations and repairs contractors recognising that customer expectations have shifted, and that they need to change to keep up. 

Some providers have an explicitly stated goal to “provide an experience like DPD or Uber” when carrying out services. By extension, this requirement is making its way into repair and maintenance contracts.

The global pandemic has accelerated these changes, as tenants require increased reassurance and communication...

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