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Louise Robertson - Global Marketing Director

Insights From Field Service Europe 2019

Field service organizations are diving deep into their operations to attract the right people and transform services. ...

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Uberizing the Utilities Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are in the fourth industrial revolution the IConomy, everything is digital, on-demand and putting consumers in...

Tags: innovation- transformation- on my way- utilities- Uberization- mobile workforce

Uberization: Fad or Fiction?

Field Service in the early decades of the twenty-first century is an increasingly tricky beast to tame. Customer...

Tags: innovation- transformation- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

The ‘Uberization Event’ - London - 26th September 2019


‘Uberization’ is now listed in the Cambridge dictionary. And it is used daily all over the world to symbolise the...

Tags: innovation- transformation- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

Rampant Uberification/ Uberization of Services

Uber has not only entered the dictionary, it has turned the service world on its head setting a whole new standard for...

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Introducing Iconomy Fulfilment at the Next Retail Fulfilment Summit

Tim Andrew CEO and founder will talk about the impact of the ‘On Demand Economy’ trending across all areas of retail. 

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Localz is a Finalist in the Australian Supply Chain Awards 2017

Localz has been named as a finalist in the prestigious ASCL Awards 2017 in the International Supply Chain category. The...

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"Thriving in the Iconomy."

A line up of technology, logistics and location legends were on the panel, “Surviving the on-demand revolution” at the...

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Localz Closes Series a Round to Deliver Happiness

Localz technology helps leading global logistics, retail and service companies to pivot from a company whose customers...

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