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Chris Wachowicz

Localz & Teradata Killer Retail Experience: Part Two

What makes a killer retail experience? Retailers need to think about delivering a unique experience, which is relevant...

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4 Key Steps to Guide your Customer Through an Omni-Channel Journey

App…email…in-store…wait, where is my customer going now?

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Product Update: Beacon Toolkit

In the past few weeks, we started to share with you what our developers have been up to. Before we get into that, let’s...

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Top 6 Best Practices to Maximise take up of Location Services

At first glance, the results of our survey and research make sober reading. Especially for beacon manufacturers. The...

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The Use of Location Services, Based on One Million People

In a previous blog, we published the results from our online survey, where respondents explained under what...

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Localz Survey Results: 80% of Smartphone Users Enable Location Services

Our most frequently asked question: "How many people have Location Services and Bluetooth activated on their...

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Beacon Toolkit for iOS

Beacon Toolkit is now available in the app store!  It's totally free, as in no cost to you, no ads and no sharing of...

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