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Are Retailers Ready for Black Friday?

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Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping days of the year, where retailers sell products at the lowest prices possible. The phenomenon started in the USA, but recently more and more retailers around the world have been taking part. This year on 27th November, UK retailers are going to offer great discounts and give bargain hunters the chance to grab some amazing deals. What are the implications for retailers?

Just a few weeks before Christmas, retailers bring prices down and customers are prepared to spend all their savings on gifts that normally cost double the price. Therefore, retailers need to be ready to meet customers’ demand both online and offline. With customers using both channels to purchase goods, retailers might struggle to fulfill the total number of orders. The biggest challenge on Black Friday is to keep customers happy and to meet their demands.

Retailers need to work quickly and effectively on the day and deal with long queues of bargain hunters. On Black Friday, customers start lining up from early hours just to make sure that they get as many discounted goods as possible. The queues are enormous and bad staff management and slow service in-store can make the crowd irritable.

With many customers trying to avoid queuing and buying online instead, retailers have to make sure that their websites are in good condition. No crashing, spam notifications and bugs are allowed on Black Friday. Not so long ago, a major online retailer’s website crashed for only 30 minutes, losing an estimated £1.5 million in sales. Having good search tools, quick check-out, easy and smooth transactions are required on a day like this. Retailers have to combine their efforts and deliver great online and offline services that meet customers’ demand.


Now, you see why Black Friday can be retailers’ nightmare. But retailers could make this day less stressful and more pleasant for their customers by making use of the latest technology that enables a great customer experience. Via location technology, retailers can notify their customers about Black Friday deals through mobile devices. When customers are in-store, retailers can send alerts with the best offers and direct them to where specific items are. Customers could then scan the products they want to buy and pay for them via the retailers’ mobile app. That way, customers would not have to queue and could avoid all the hassle of where to find what they want.

Location technology can also help staff members by notifying when stock is running low on the shelves or when customers order something via the store app. This makes the service quick and efficient.

Black Friday is one of the busiest days of the year for retailers. With UK customers, spending £810 million last year, retailers need to make sure that customer service and delivery is simple and seamless, while matching customer expectations. Location technology can help retailers to accomplish that this Black Friday. The big question is – are you prepared?