Apple's iBeacon certification program

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Details about Apple's iBeacon certification program for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware devices were revealed yesterday.   This is great news for businesses seeking to deploy beacon technology as it reinforces a standard to which certified manufacturers will comply.   Among the very first manufacturers to attain certification are StickNFind which is one of the hardware manufacturers Localz utilises for our proximity interaction platform.


Apple will certify hardware devices that adhere to Apple's iBeacon protocol and API specification under the Made For iPhone (MFi) program.  Compliant devices will be able to use and display iBeacon compliant logos and images, which are trademarked by Apple.

The Bluetooth LE space has been heating up over the last few months and literally dozens of new hardware companies have entered the market.  We've tested many hardware beacons and not all have lived up to the hype.  Several of the devices we tested were unable to reliably associate with Apple's iOS and thus fail to initiate interactions like local push notifications.  A formal certification program will provide much needed assurance of compatibility.