Apple Watch, the latest extension in iBeacons

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At Localz, we love to work with the best, new and exciting technology to create engaging, targeted and relevant location-based experiences.

Enter the Apple Watch. While we've been trialling smart watch experiences with a number of our retail clients already with great success on a number of different use cases, there has been a growing sense of anticipation that once Apple entered this market that consumer adoption would speed up. With millions of Apple Watches already sold, that seems to be the case.

As Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, explained the uses for iBeacon will be extended as the Watch “…will be able to track its users via Bluetooth signals as they walk around.” This creates an endless world of opportunity not just for Localz but other companies to create new and even more engaging experiences with their customers.

By way of example, one of the first to recognise the Apple Watch’s potential to connect with customers is Marsh supermarkets, who have partnered with inMarket to launch new services that take advantage of the iBeacon standard. Before the launch of the Watch the US supermarket chain installed beacons in all of its 75 stores. These beacons will 'wake up' applications on a users Watch when a shopper becomes in bluetooth range allowing for different and relevant push notifications to be sent to customers who have opted in, enhancing their in-store shopping experience.

The Apple Watch is probably the most-hyped and talked about proximity marketing tool out there right now. With its combination of Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and iBeacon technology, we're looking forward what we experiences we can create with our  clients for Watch wearers all over the world.

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