Insights From Field Service Europe 2019

What Your Customers Are Trying To Tell Your Mobile Workforce

5 Ways To Ensure A Frictionless Customer Experience

What We're Looking Forward to at Field Service Europe

AR in Field Service: Is this the death of the engineer?

How The Top 20 In Field Service Are Innovating The Industry

[INFOGRAPHIC] Rising to the B2C Challenge

Housing Repairs - keeping up with the Joneses (or Amazon, Uber, DPD…)

3 Takeaways From Field Service Connect 2019

Uberizing the Utilities Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Localz are Uberizing the future of Utilities

Uberization: Fad or Fiction?

Era of the who?

The ‘Uberization Event’ - London - 26th September 2019

Global Climate Strike

Localz partners with MessageMedia

Localz Brings 'Uberization' to Field Service Amelia Island 2019

The Power of Mobilising the Service Desk

The Magic of the Shrinking ETA Window

Why iOS13 will be an unlucky number for many businesses with a mobile workforce

Localz Named Top Field Service Solution Provider

Rampant Uberification/ Uberization of Services

Ride Along with OVO Energy

Collection vs Delivery

Customer Centricity: Lessons from the Energy Sector

How will the water sector be impacted by C-MeX?

Market Stats in Field Services

Driving Efficiencies in Housing

Stay hydrated at Twenty65 with Lessons from the Energy Sector

Utilities customers want communication their way | Localz

Trying to meet customer expectations? Give up….

Top 5 Tips for Retailers to win in the IConomy

Buy versus Build - To build, or not to build, that is the question.

Delivering first time access - showcasing at the Toughbook Innovation Forum 2019

Who will win Christmas Peak?

2018 Retrospective: What happened at Localz this year?

The “intrusive” smart meter: be careful not to add insult to injury

Field Service customers want communication their way in 2018

On-demand and in Control: The Emotional Irrational and Uneconomic Consumer

Anxiously Waiting - Delivering stress free services to today's consumers

Localz values: helping us scale sustainably

Logistics isn’t just Driving Trucks

As Australia’s Parcels Hit Double Digit Growth, the Focus is on Your Delivery Process!

The Future of Delivery and Field Service Technology Solutions Seminar

All Change! Utility Companies are being Forced to Mobilise

Delivery is the Critical Link in Customer Experience

Delivering to the Irrational, Emotional and Uneconomic Consumer

Utilities and Services: Customer Service is the Boardroom Topic of 2018

Consumers are Forcing Changes in How Retailers and Carriers do Business

Localz Introducing Iconomy Fulfilment at Next Week's Retail Fulfilment Summit

Leaders and Heroes in Delivery Discuss the Rapid Changes in Demands Around Delivery

What Will 2018 Bring For Last Mile Delivery?

Delivering Happiness

It’s Emojinal as Localz Dev Team Head to Global Facebook Hackathon Final

Localz is a Finalist in the Australian Supply Chain Awards 2017

"Thriving in the Iconomy."

Localz Closes Series a Round to Deliver Happiness

Introducing IConomy Fulfilment

Whitepaper: What are Customer Expectations at the Last Mile?

Meeting The Expectations Of The Amazon Generation

Localz And Reelyactive Partner To Create Smart Spaces

Kontakt Beacons in Berlin

Whitepaper: Why Do Smartphone Users Allow Access To Location?

7 Key Challenges with Last Mile Delivery

Localz Partners with Stratacache

Product Update: Localz Click & Collect

Blurring the Lines Between Online and Offline

5 Ways Location Technology Can Improve Banking Service

Localz & Teradata Killer Retail Experience: Part Two

Localz Last Mile Delivery for DPD UK

Guest Blog from RedEye: 4 Key Steps to Guide your Customer Through an Omni-Channel Journey

Product Update: Beacon Toolkit

Top 6 Best Practices to Maximise take up of Location Services

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Click and Collect Service

Localz attended Business Rocks 2016

Localz Research: The Use of Location Services, Based on One Million People

Guest blog from Future Platforms: Why In-Store Mobile is Massive for Retailers and their Customers

Localz Survey Results: 80% of Smartphone Users Enable Location Services

Top 3 Ways to Improve Last Mile Delivery

Find the Perfect Match

Click & Collect solution business case - best resources

Whitepaper: 7 Digital Trends for Mobile

Easter Egg Hunt of the Future

Top 3 reasons why UK shoppers use click and collect

Guest blog from Thunderhead:Did Your Mobile-First Strategy Get Stuck in a Mobile-Online Rut?

Product Update: Localz Spotz has new visual indicator for developers

Localz and Stratacache at RBTE 2016

Product Update: New Spotz Menu Structure

The increased need for a human connection in retail

Localz and Teradata Event: Killer Retail Experience 2016

Guest Blog from Bit10:The New Location-Based User Experience

Localz Improved Customer Experience in Woolworths Australia: Part Two

Localz at NRF 2016

Localz Improved Customer Experience in Woolworths Australia: Part One

Guest blog from HTK: Personalised Loyalty and Rewards

Location Technology Changing the World of Mobile Gambling

Localz Selected for Australia-United States Business Week 2016

Home Automation by Localz and Janus at ISE 2016

7 Digital Mobile Trends for 2016

Localz Last Mile Improves Delivery

Click & Collect Results for UK Christmas 2015

Localz Partners with Thunderhead

Beacon-Triggered Coupons to Reach 1.6 Billion in 2020

Seven Ways Beacons Benefit Customers

Localz Partners with Dusk Mobile

Highlights of 2015

What Retailers Should Expect in 2016

Top Three Retailers’ Strategies During the Christmas Period

Increased Volume of Push Notifications and Customers' Responses on Black Friday 2015

The Five Most Common Questions From Retailers

Pocket App silver winners at Digital Experience Awards 2015

Localz Won IDEAS 2015, Organised by Dagrofa and CAPNOVA

Localz Partners with Reward Technology

Localz a Finalist at CAPNOVA Dagrofa IDEAS 2015

Guest Blog from Dusk Mobile: Improving Staff Efficiency with Mobile Technology

Millennials are the Challenge for Marketers

Localz Partners with Red Eye

Localz at Business Innovation Summit 2015

Localz Partners with HTK

Localz Wins Sainsbury’s Director Advisor Experience

Are Retailers Ready for Black Friday?

Balancing Privacy with Customer Service

Localz Partners with Future Platforms

Geo-fencing or Beacons?

How Not to Drive Your Customers Away

When delivering and shipping goes wrong

Want to find more about our IBM SmartCamp win?

Localz Partners with Janus Technology

Digital Transformation Conference 2015

Localz wins Connected Customer award during Retail Recharged

Localz partners with Bit10

Localz is Breaking Big at Teradata 2015 Partners

Localz exhibited at KDS Retail Solutions Day 2015

Teradata and Localz Announce Global Partnership

Can beacons transform the gaming world?

Localz and Rufus Leonard Announce Partnership

Localz at JLAB 2015 Award Event

Does location technology mean the end of queueing?

Tim Andrew at Meet the Makers x Retail Innovations conference

Localz at the JustGiving Awards 2015

Localz and Teradata at DMEXCO 2015

Localz Runners-up in Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon

Localz wins IBM SmartCamp Australia 2015

Localz in Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon

Click & Collect Part 3: The Customer Experience

Buying beacons: 88 questions so you don’t #fail

Click & Collect Part Two: Freeing Staff from the Desk

Assistive Beacons for the Vision Impaired

The Click & Collect Phenomenon: Part One.

The Impact on Proximity Experiences Post Eddystone

Magic in a Wristband

Pharmacy Deployment Of IBeacons

Never Miss A Delivery Again

The top 5 reasons iBeacon projects fail

Beacons in Hospitals

Cinema of the Future

A unique Supermarket Checkout Experience

A useful world of Beacons

The Modern Era Resort

Beacons at RMIT

Localz home of the future

Using beacons to touch in and out of the London Tube

Never lose your dog again with beacon enabled collars

The Localz Travel Series, Part Two.

Conference engagement with beacons

Beacons for our roads, easing congestion

The Localz Travel Series, Part One.

Bringing The Melbourne Immigration Museum to life with beacons

Apple Watch, the latest extension in iBeacons

BPL Digital and Localz partner for Grand National Fast Track

Finance and Discount Shopping Apps : Our Favourites

What Localz beacon technology could bring to The Melbourne International Film Festival

Localz Sponsors Teradata ONE Marketing Festival

Localz Beacon Treasure Hunt at KPMG Hacknet Berlin

Localz at BattleHack London : The Wrap Up

Hunt for that perfect pair of jeans with beacons

Localz's time in the London PayPal offices - looking back on Start Tank

The ultimate beacon-enabled dining experience

Localz, the Australian beacon tech startup making its mark in the UK (Techworld)

What could micro-location do for music festivals?

Localz partners with IBM to drive micro-location technology

Top Beacon Security Risks

John Lewis to extend JLabs start-up incubator scheme to 2015

Woolworths plans national beacons rollout to improve click-and-collect customer service

Is Localz the future of mobile business?

Localz-A New Edge of Micro-location Services

John Lewis' Craig Inglis on having a start-up state of mind

6 retailers looking for innovation through startups and experimentation

Parcel Group DPD Invites Start-Ups To Compete For Funding To Develop New Technology For Its Delivery Business

Canvas and Clicks - Ideas for a Connected Cirque du Soleil Experience

Supplier Relationship Management Lessons From The Car Industry

Teradata Acquires Mobile Marketing Automation Startup, Appoxee

NRF 2015: John Lewis Planning JLAB Heir

Comment: Google's retail boss on the digital trends to know about in 2015

2014 – The Year in Review

Retail Technology Year In Review: 2014

John Lewis to merge real and virtual worlds in innovation drive

Wait Is Over For Winner Of John Lewis Competition

What the Physical Web Means to Beacons and the Enterprise

Interested in Retail? The 2014 BDO Spend Trend report is out.

Queues? In the future we don't need queues...

Business as usual: Can retailers afford to ignore the relentless march of innovation?


Queues? In The Future, We Don’t Need Queues

Localz wins National Australia Bank iDay Hackathon

Why Localz Product Director, Pete Williams, has been named one of the biggest influencers in UK digital technology

The Technology Opportunity For UK Shopping Centres

Mobile Mentor And Iproximity Join Forces On Beacon Technology

Brands target consumers on buses with iBeacons trial

Teradata And Localz Partner Up On Proximity Marketing Tech

Localz partners with Teradata

John Lewis to step up store-based omnichannel projects

Asda trials in-store beacons

What British Start-Ups Are Still Missing

How to win a £100,000 pitch from 15,000 kilometres away


3 reasons to spend big bucks on a letter

iPhone 6 winner!

John Lewis eyeing Oculus Rift opportunities to unite VR and in-store experiences

White Goods Shoppers Sold On Internet Of Things Devices

London Start-Up Accelerator Start Tank Welcomes First Five Members

Localz joins PayPal Start Tank

JLab winner Localz selected by PayPal for startup programme - CW

Paypal Picks London Start Tank Participants

Localz Wins Twice In One Week

JLab winner Localz selected by PayPal for startup programme - Tech World

Winner announced for John Lewis competition, JLab

Localz Pockets USD160,000 To Locate Customers

Micro-Location Startup Wins John Lewis's First Tech Business Incubator

Capital raise puts micro-location startup Localz closer to leaving its mark on legacy technology

John Lewis investit 100.000£ dans l’Internet des Objets

Tech Firm Wins £100,000 John Lewis Prize For Developing Shopping Software

Aussie Microlocation Startup Wins JLAB Investment

Micro-Location Technology Company Localz Named First JLAB Winner

John Lewis crowns Localz as JLAB winner

iBeacon startup Localz win John Lewis' prize

Localz wins JLAB!

John Lewis puts £100,000 into iBeacon start-up Localz

Beacons To Solve 'Click And Collect' Hassle - Just Add Mobile Payment And You'll Be Really Talking


John Lewis invests £100,000 in micro-location startup

“Localz” wins John Lewis’ technology incubator competition JLab.

Beacon tech firm Localz wins £100,000 John Lewis investment

Localz wins JLAB competition to raise $160k from John Lewis

Beacons Firm Localz Wins John Lewis Incubator Prize

John Lewis puts £100,000 into iBeacon start-up Localz

John Lewis announces beacon technology start-up Localz as £100k JLAB incubator winner

John Lewis names tech startup Localz as the winner of JLAB

John Lewis crowns iBeacon startup Localz the winner of JLAB

John Lewis funds ‘micro-location’ iBeacon service following incubator scheme

Location-based tech firm Localz named John Lewis JLAB winner

Tech Startup Localz Win John Lewis JLAB Incubator Award

Mobile Location Start-Up Localz Wins John Lewis’s Jlab

John Lewis crowns micro-location tech startup Localz as the winner of JLabs

John Lewis to invest £100K in beacon start-up and JLab incubator scheme winner Localz

Analysis: The final pitches at John Lewis’s technology incubator JLab

JLAB: meet the startups bringing John Lewis into the digital age

Retail Week Hackathon: Kega Retail Win With Seamless End-To-End Technology

John Lewis to seek ‘romance’ in beacon technology before committing

Is failure the new success story?

My Big Privacy Dilemma With Micro Location & Beacon Services

Shaping the retail experience of the future

Teradata's Data-Driven Marketing Conference

iBeacon Start-Up Chosen by John Lewis for Incubation

John Lewis backs tech startups

Analysis: John Lewis’s JLab selects five start-up finalists

Aussie Start Up wins entry to into prestigious UK technology innovation program

John Lewis picks five start-ups for its business accelerator - CMO

John Lewis picks iBeacons, smart-home Sonos rival, and 3D planning start-ups as final partners for JLab incubator scheme

John Lewis picks five start-ups for its business accelerator - Tech World

Beacon Toolkit for iOS

Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) for Android

Relative & Absolute Location Services

John Lewis launches technology incubator JLab for start-ups

Apple's iBeacon certification program

Localz delivers personalized advertising based on who's in-store

Delete by default: enter ephemeral marketing

What’s The Best Micro-Location Technology?

Beyond the hype: what to look for in iBeacon and BLE hardware

iBeacon and BLE hardware: a commercial comparison

SoLoME: How Social, Local and Mobile engagement services will put bricks and mortar back in the game