A useful world of Beacons

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A few places we want beacons to be up and running worldwide to ensure a more seamless experience for our day to day lives.

Vending Machines

Cash or card, who knows what a vending machine will accept when you approach, it would be great just not to have to worry. Lets place a beacon on a vending machine and problem solved. Now as you approach your smartphone will replicate the machine and from the palm of your hand you can select your drink or snack of choice. Pay via direct debit, which you can set up from initial vending machine app download, and change whenever needed.


Misplacing your wallet is inconvenient to say the least. The initial panic leads to a frantic search and cancellation of credit cards. Only, on average, to find all the panic was for nothing as you realise you had left your wallet at home in the first place.
So, what if their was a way to never loose your wallet again?
A beacon in your wallet is the solution. By placing a tiny beacon in your wallet, no bigger than an average coin, you can track the location of your wallet at all times through the help of a smart phone application. This will ease the concern when you have a momentary loss of memory in relation to your wallets whereabouts.


Just like your wallet, keys are easy to misplace and you don't want to realise they're missing just as you arrive home after a long day.  Utilising beacons, we can design a way to track your keys so that you can be alerted when they aren't within range of your mobile device. The beacon will be designed as a keychain which you can attach to your existing keys. It will come with an app for download on both iOS and Android devices and will allow for a user to set up notifications and alerts individualised for the user. For example, a user may request that when entering their home the keychain beacon will be disabled allowing the phone and keys to move from range of one another. Of course this will mean for this individual user they will also need to place beacons at an entry way to the house so that the keychain may recognise it is home and can then disable.

Car Parks

Finding the best carpark in the city, with value for money and close proximity to your desired location can be a challenge, but with beacons it doesn't have to be. Download a company specific parking app to give you information on everything you require. From hourly carpark rates to early bird specials, the app will even notify its user to wait for 5 minutes if they are early for discounted night time parking rates and about to enter. Beacons will recognise a users location through the app on a built in map feature. On this same map a pin can be dropped on a desired location and the app will guide users to the cheapest and closest carpark, it will also provide real time information on congestion and availability within a carpark.


Your local cinema has just been decked out with the latest Localz beacon technology and with it comes great access to a seamless movie experience. If you're concerned with long lines upon approach to the ticket booth, use the specific movie app. The app will recognise which cinema location you are at and direct you to a specific portal with the closest session times, you can purchase your tickets from your mobile device. Once you have purchased your ticket and have the receipt on your app you can then make purchase at the candy bar, utilising the successful Click & Collect service a user will be able to ‘pre-order’ a purchase and receive a ticket number. App purchases will be directed to an individual service attendant who will individually look after this service, providing a speedier delivery. When your ticket number is called, simply show your phone and head on in to view the film.