A unique Supermarket Checkout Experience

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Wallet, keys, phones, coupon codes, what else do you need to head down to the local supermarket? Sometimes it can feel like you are leaving with more than you end up returning home with.

Here at Localz we are interested in finding a solution which will ensure every customer has an easier shopping experience. One which doesn't require two different types of cards and a coupon code at the checkout.

What we propose below is a supermarket experience unlike any before. The solution will be made possible with the implementation of two user apps, designed for download on both iOS and Android devices, one for the customer and another for supermarket employees.


Navigating your way around in store is quite easy, with signs everywhere to guide you, how could you become lost? But start searching for something specific and it's an entirely new ballgame. From a rare brand of sauce or a particular snack, it doesn't matter, by using an enabled smartphone, with the free downloaded shopping app installed, you will be able to enter a product and instantly be directed to the item on the shelf.

How is this possible? Through beacon enabled electronic shelf labels (ESL).

These energy and cost efficient devices allow for real time updates of products and costs to be displayed. With beacons installed inside them, it makes for a truly guided and simplistic shopping experience.

For employees, beacons will make restocking and updating pricing more manageable. With the use of handheld devices an employee will be able to scan an item they need to restock and receive planning information. The information will detail, in images and text, which aisle the item should be located in and what it is next to. Limiting error and confusion.

Checking Out

Easing the strain on your shoulder and creating an emptier handbag solution, we have designed a useful checkout process for customers.  Each user will be individualised whilst using the app by creating a unique login registered to an email address. A customer can then either scan or input the numbers of a loyalty card to have rewards and points updated and ready on hand. Redeem available offers in-store or from the convenience of your home. With the app, a user will have access at all times.

Coupon codes are one thing that doesn't quite translate from online to offline store, as users aren't able to just add a 4 digit promo code to an order. The app will be designed to service all parts of the checkout experience, meaning a checkout assistant won't need to process any card payments themselves, it will all be directed to a smartphone, thus allowing for a customer to use coupon codes with ease. WELCOME10 could give a user 10% off a first order, or HOLIDAY5 would allow for supermarkets to give a customer the gift of a discount during holiday periods. Whatever the reason, the online experience will be translated offline to allow for better discounts and services for customers.

Remembering the pin to a credit card can often be a burden, especially when you have more than one to remember. To remove such a burden users can store details of payment cards, bank details and a PayPal account on the secure user app. To pay with your device simply use beacons at the attended or self-serve checkout. Tap and pay by placing the smartphone over the beacon reader and once details of the order appears on the device, simply select to add any loyalty card information already stored on the app and input any coupon codes available, continue to the payment section where in a few simple steps payment will be completed.

If an individuals personal device has been stolen, the app can be remotely deleted, or cards de-linked for ensured safety.  This security measure can be executed from another smartphone, computer or in-store at the supermarket kiosk. Simply login with the email address and password attached to the account and edit any current details.

Continue on with some retail therapy and the day ahead without the hassle of having to carry shopping bags around with you.  At the end of the smartphone checkout process, select the delivery option. An employee will receive a notification on the supermarket app that you would like your items delivered, a service which will have no additional cost. The notification will specify to the employee which register you are located at and when you would like your shopping delivered. Choose end of day or next day delivery, whatever suits your schedule best.

A unique and purposeful solution to create a simpler checkout experience at supermarkets.