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7 KPIs to measure when optimising your click and collect strategy

Tracking these 7 key KPIs can provide insight into how to best strengthen your click and collect strategy to make it the service customers can’t get enough of.

Man using laptop to shop with click and collect options

These days, it’s not so much a question of whether you have a click and collect strategy — it’s a question of if that click and collect strategy is any good.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of click and collect retail in the past few years, as well as its necessity during the pandemic, customers now enjoy a slew of options for online shopping and in-store pickup. That means if your click and collect experience isn’t seamless, responsive, and well-designed, a customer will head to a competitor who offers one that is.

If you want to cultivate loyalty and delight customers again and again, you must offer a click and collect experience that’s frictionless and easy to use. Your strategy may evolve over time, but you should always approach it with specific goals in mind. 

Tracking these 7 key KPIs can provide insight into how to best strengthen your click and collect strategy to make it the service customers can’t get enough of.


Top KPIs to track for optimising click and collect 

The platforms and options available to you can be overwhelming, but your click and collect software should support you in tracking the KPIs you deem important in your strategy. Overall, the most critical KPIs to track that will help you enhance your click and collect retail offerings include:


1. Handover time. This is the time between customers’ arrival at your store and receiving their order. Don’t make them wait in a long queue, or sit idly while your staff scrambles to put the order together: You can improve handover time by using geofencing and automated notifications that let staff know when a customer has arrived, and that allow customers to ping the store when they’re on the way and note where they’re located for the drop-off.
How Localz can help: Our order collections system is proven to reduce handover time by as much as 80%.

2. Team member efficiency and order volume. Support your fulfilment team by having a system in place that provides the necessary information and processes they need, when they need it. Track how many orders can be picked in an hour, and how long it takes to pick orders. Find out if staff has to take multiple trips back and forth due to ineffective picking order. Empower efficiency so they can juggle multiple orders without getting burnt out or overwhelmed.
How Localz can help: Our platform supports multi-pick functionality that leads to faster handover times, improves efficiency by 28%, and increases order volume.

3. Consumer engagement rates. This is how often customers provide information on your click and collect app or platform. Set up your strategy so that customers have many ways to engage with your business. This empowers them with the autonomy and flexibility to get what they need — when, where, and how they want it.
Allow them options to: 

    • Notify staff when they’re on the way
    • Notify staff when they’ve arrived (sometimes triggered by geofencing), and where they’re located, such as which parking bay, drive-through window, or in-store line.
    • Update their orders, with options to add items, designate someone else to pick up the order, and change their pickup preferences — such as between in-store, curbside, drive-up, and delivery. 

How Localz can help: Our Drive-Up Process is shown to increase customer engagement by 89%.


4. Net Promotor Score (NPS). Tracking NPS allows you to gauge the quality of your customer service. When you solicit feedback and home in on customer needs — and where you're lacking in meeting them — you show customers that you want to hear from them and that you care about addressing issues they’re facing. 

How Localz can help: Our platform has helped clients increase NPS scores by as much as 15 points.


5. Feedback. Sometimes, all it takes to facilitate massive improvements is to ask for customer feedback. Your customers want to tell you about their experience — good and bad — so make it easy for them to point out areas of strength or improvement. Automate feedback requests that send at the close of a curbside or in-store pickup, asking for a quick star rating or sending a short survey. Track patterns in the feedback you receive to make informed decisions that address their pain points and frustrations.

6. Profitability of customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value aligns with not an individual purchase, but the total of purchases a customer makes with you. Increasing revenue per customer per year is a sign that your customers like your services and that you’re doing something right. 

How Localz can help: After implementing our platform, clients have experienced increased lifetime value over six months due to more repeat visits and shortened “next visit” time periods.


7. Additional purchases when customers pick up orders or are prompted through your click and collect app. Are you serving your customers product recommendations throughout their click and collect experience?  If so, how many are biting? Ancillary purchases can boost your bottom line, and tracking this metric can help optimize your recommendations and the placement of those recommendations. One expected downside for retailers of click and collect is the loss of impulse purchases that are made in-store during the checkout process (from end caps, checkout aisle offerings, etc.). But you can make up for this loss by offering product recommendations before and after a customer’s checkout online, as well as allowing them to opt-in for push notifications about items they may be interested in.

Just because they’re buying online doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to impulse purchases: A study by Innovative Commerce Serving Communities (ICSC) found that 67% of click and collect users purchase additional items from their retailer of choice when picking up their original order. (It’s also worth noting that ICSC found that once consumers use click and collect, they’re hooked; 96% continue to use the service).


Enhance click and collect retail for a strategy that pays off

Creating a seamless order collection experience is imperative to keeping your customers coming back, and continuously delighting them. The best way to optimise your click and collect service is to track KPIs that offer hard data and valuable insights into your current strategy. Then, you can use that information to make vital changes and back up your decisions. 

And the right partner can help. Localz offers solutions that track KPIs like the ones mentioned here that will help you see where your process can be better. Our platform empowers you to make changes quickly and easily, for a click and collect experience that truly works.