5 Ways Utility Companies Use Localz To Elevate Customer Experience

Today’s digitally connected consumer has come to expect transparency, visibility and control over their schedule. “Uberization” has drifted into the service industry where long ETA windows are no longer acceptable.

Localz Field Service solutions are designed to augment and orchestrate customer experiences on the day of service. Our technology ensures customers have better visibility of their service appointment and when they can expect the arrival of their technician. Localz Field Service solutions also help utility technicians manage their day in the field and provide operational visibility for managers via the Ops Dashboard.

Here’s how leading utility companies use Localz to elevate their customer experiences.


Transparency Around Appointments 

Set expectations for appointments with proactive SMS, email or push notifications leading up to the day-of-service. Continue to delight customers with the ability to self-service information on their appointment through the Localz Customer Portal.

This level of transparency helps fill in the gaps along the customer journey to deliver elevated customer experiences.

"In one click I could find out all the information in relation to my appointment which I found really useful. I have never seen an energy company provide a service like this and am really impressed by the level of customer service, which I wasn’t expecting at all” - OVO Energy customer


Give Customers Control

Global utility companies use Localz to put the power in their customers’ hands through the ability to change and monitor appointments. 

The Localz Customer Portal, a configurable view for the customer of their service appointment, allows for a frictionless experience for both operations and end-customers. The day prior to an appointment, a message is sent to the customer via the platform of your choosing to remind them. If they are unable to be home for the appointment, they can easily reschedule at their convenience. This saves your team money on failed appointments, doesn’t require support teams to do the rescheduling and allows for your customer to be in control of their own time.



Deliver full visibility for your mobile workforce with real-time tracking of technicians. Extend the visibility to end-customers with the ability to track their engineer’s arrival when the mobile worker is en route to the service appointment. 

Customers can rest assured that they know exactly when their engineer is arriving, in addition to viewing driver details such as photo and license plate number.

See how British Gas used our engineer tracking solution in a television advertisement highlighting their focus on customer experience:


Two-Way Communication

What are your customers trying to tell your mobile workforce? Give them the ability for two-way communications with their assigned technician so that important details don’t fall through the cracks. Imagine if your end-customer could send an SMS to your mobile worker that they were running ten minutes late before your employee left and closed out a missed appointment.

Here are examples of SMS messages end-customers have used Localz technology to send to their assigned engineer: 

"I have dogs, wait for me to come to the front garden gate to let you in"

"Pls park behind the white car not the red one"

"I'm on my way but stuck in school traffic- PLEASE WAIT"

This data is also synced with your field service management software and available in the management dashboard for cross-team visibility.




Let your customer’s voice be heard with easy, pulse feedback forms automatically sent following a service appointment. The minute your mobile worker leaves the configurable geo-fence of the job, an automatic SMS, email or push notification gets sent out to the customer. 

Customised survey forms allow your service organisation to capture the data that matters during an important time of your customer’s journey on the day of service.




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