5 Ways To Ensure A Frictionless Customer Experience

Thanks to Uber and Amazon, B2C customer expectations are melding into the B2B world and beyond. This puts the pressure on service companies to deliver a stronger customer experience on the day of service. 

Looking at success from leading brands and incorporating customer and field service engineer pain points, here are five key steps to ensure frictionless customer experiences in today’s digital age.


1. Be digitally available 

Providing convenience means being digitally enabled on various platforms. It is vital that you stay on top of the latest technology and ensure you know how your customers want to interact with you. 


2. Confirm and reassure 

It is vital to provide customers with regular updates throughout the appointment lifecycle, from appointment confirmation, to a reminder the day before and the morning of, to accurate ETA tracking on the day of service.

The more information you give your customers, the less likely they are to ring your call centers to see where their technician is.  


3. “On my way”

When the mobile worker is on their way to a customer job, provide the customer with real-time location tracking so they are prepared. Thanks to Uber, today’s customer expects a similar experience when waiting for the arrival of any service person.

Solutions like Localz allow for notifications to be automated based on job status updates within your existing workflows.


4. Use clear communication channels

Enabling convenient two-way communication directly between customers and field service team helps streamline appointments and reduces technician dwell time upon arrival. Often times it’s too difficult, or not an option, to let your technician know you’re running late or that the key to get in is under the mat.

When your customer is able to supply important notes or details around their appointment directly to their assigned tech, this ensures critical information doesn’t get lost across your team. Your first-time access rates depend on this!


5. Offer feedback forms

Asking consumers to rate and provide feedback directly following a service ensures their voices are heard. Quick “pulse” feedback forms with 2-3 questions allow for a quick and easy way to check customer sentiment at the point of interaction.

This allows your team the opportunity for service recovery prior to a NPS survey going out, and ties feedback directly to the service technician for employee recognition.


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